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.wizard .button {padding:0.1em 0.2em;}

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.tagClear {clear:both;}

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.viewer th, .viewer td, .viewer tr,.viewer caption,.twtable th, .twtable td, .twtable tr,.twtable caption {padding:3px;}
table.listView {font-size:0.85em; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
table.listView th, table.listView td, table.listView tr {padding:0px 3px 0px 3px;}

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.viewer code {font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em;}

.editor {font-size:1.1em;}
.editor input, .editor textarea {display:block; width:100%; font:inherit;}
.editorFooter {padding:0.25em 0; font-size:.9em;}
.editorFooter .button {padding-top:0px; padding-bottom:0px;}

.fieldsetFix {border:0; padding:0; margin:1px 0px;}

.sparkline {line-height:1em;}
.sparktick {outline:0;}

.zoomer {font-size:1.1em; position:absolute; overflow:hidden;}
.zoomer div {padding:1em;}

* html #backstage {width:99%;}
* html #backstageArea {width:99%;}
#backstageArea {display:none; position:relative; overflow: hidden; z-index:150; padding:0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageToolbar {position:relative;}
#backstageArea a {font-weight:bold; margin-left:0.5em; padding:0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageButton {display:none; position:absolute; z-index:175; top:0; right:0;}
#backstageButton a {padding:0.1em 0.4em; margin:0.1em;}
#backstage {position:relative; width:100%; z-index:50;}
#backstagePanel {display:none; z-index:100; position:absolute; width:90%; margin-left:3em; padding:1em;}
.backstagePanelFooter {padding-top:0.2em; float:right;}
.backstagePanelFooter a {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}
#backstageCloak {display:none; z-index:20; position:absolute; width:100%; height:100px;}

.whenBackstage {display:none;}
.backstageVisible .whenBackstage {display:block;}
StyleSheet for use when a translation requires any css style changes.
This StyleSheet can be used directly by languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean which need larger font sizes.
body {font-size:0.8em;}
#sidebarOptions {font-size:1.05em;}
#sidebarOptions a {font-style:normal;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {font-size:0.95em;}
.subtitle {font-size:0.8em;}
.viewer table.listView {font-size:0.95em;}
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#mainMenu, #sidebar, #messageArea, .toolbar, #backstageButton, #backstageArea {display: none !important;}
#displayArea {margin: 1em 1em 0em;}
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"Thank god..." is an unusual name for a [[Curriculum]]...
"Why refer to some unknown outsider, to give credit for experience/result?"
"Is it not better to give credit-due to 'the people who actually did the job'?".
Or ... is there a hidden meaning behind the word 'god' that we better explore...?

This curriculum addresses our use of language; words and (loss of) meaning.
Sound communication requires the sharing of meaning (for sharing intent/action).
Confusion in meaning will cause confusion in intent; and thus confused outcome.
The word 'god' merely serves as example of/for multiple-meanings of a word.


Many people tend to use the word 'god' in their communication.
"Oh my god", "god forbid", "god bless", "Thank god..", and so on.
These are derelict from the Roman State Church 'population control'.
Therein 'god' was presented as (if) a supervisor; 'lord of all beings'.

Many people (still) believe in this ('religious') concept of 'god'.
Evidently, everybody is free to choose what they think/believe.
(This is made explicit in the Essays on "Freedom of Choice".)
Yet it helps if people are aware that 'god' means many things:

1) 'god' (Generate, Operate, Destroy) is the universal principle of creation.
2) 'god' is therein equivalent to the electromagnetic foelds that form/move matter.
3) 'god' is thus also the universal electromagnetic information communication field.
4) 'god' is therefor NOT a //being// that directs/determines/controls/judges (y)our life.

It is important to address the notion/concept of 'god', because it causes much confusion.
This is always the case when one-and-the-same word is used with different meanings.
The speaker intends to communicate one specific meaning, but the listener interprets another.
Although both use the same words, that can have different, and even opposite meanings.


The Dogon Culture understood 'god' as the universal principle of creation.
In Egypt/Babylon 'god' was reinterpreted as-if and abstract/absolute 'slave master'.
In Rome the role of 'god'-as-supervisor was introduced into every family home.
More recently comparative studies of religion reopened the interpretations of 'god'.

At the core level, 'god' is a word, a sound; like any sound, in itself devoid of meaning.
The word used to denote 'god' - as a sound - is meaningless in many other cultures.
Those other cultures have different words to describe 'creation', or 'control in life'.
In the same way all have different interpretations and meaning for 'control' and 'life'.

In working together with other people, what matters is how well they can work well together.
That requires that they can all understand the common purpose of the group, and their role.
Their role must correspond to their own individual capacities and potentials - in the group.
What they (can) do matters; not how it can be addressed, labelled or described.

It is important to understand the use and role of language in communication/coordination.
It is just as important to understand that not all people give the same meaning to the same word.
The word 'god' is but an example in case: an illustration that interpretations //can/will// differ.
//This applies to all words that we use//; thus this must be addressed, studied, and resolved.


Taking the word 'god' as an example; we can see that Interpretation depends on Involvement.
Everybody will interpret a meaning differently depending on the experiences and conditioning.
Language, as a whole, is no more that a wide variety of different sounds, without any meaning.
The meaning derives from the repetition of use of association of the sound with an object/action.

Words are 'pointers'; to objects, beings ("names"), processes ("verbs") and memories ("abstractions").
Grammar is the 'sorting rack' (for the mind) to carefully discern what we are dealing with.
In language, we do the equivalent of an animal traveling between Territories, where they live.
In language, we navigate, together, in the world of ideas; between different Territories of involvement.

Animals have a place to sleep/hunt/eat/defecate; cf the four seasons cycling around a tree.
People likewise have those Territories: Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom.
We likewise 'operate' those functions in our mind: discovery, learning, knowing, applying.
These again are the analogues of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

These principles of becoming and being operate in the universe; and language must reflect that.
Therefore every word will need to have each of these four aspects: verb, adverb, noun, adjective.
Whenever a word does not have all of those four 'conjugate' forms; its meaning will be incomplete.
This is the case for a word such as 'god'; is it "Being" (verb/noun) or "Becoming" (adjective/(ad)verb)?  


'god' is an incomprehensible topic, for many people.
In part it was intentionally '//made to be incomprehensible//'.
The concept of god was //created to 'manipulate the masses'//,
The notion 'god' however also refers to critical mass consciousness.

It is practical to untangle the different connotations and meanings of 'god'.
There is the political use of the word 'god'; as an abstract supervisor.
There is the religious use of the word 'god'; as a collective consciousness.
And there is the practical meaning of the word god; 'shared telepathy'.

Human beings, and all life forms, make use of electromagnetic field communication.
Nowadays we can compare a living being, and a living cell, to a 'mobile smartphone'.
Every cell operates by electromagnetic fields; in its own functioning, and interactions.
All cells communicate via electromagnetic field interaction; locally and afar.

Cells communicate via physical contact; which operates via forms of vibrations.
Cells communicate via molecules, considered to be 'chemical', but infact electromagnetic 'signals'.
Cells (and molecules) communicate via electromagnetic information fields (of atomic interactions).
Cells (and molecules and atoms) communicate via light fields, which orchestrate their coherence.


As the basis: ''photon-jump <=> electron-jump <=> electron-oscillation <=> electron-bonding''.
This is the same as: ''phase-change <=> atoms <=> molecules <=> matter''.
This means that ''In(-)formation <=> Electromagnetism <=> Chemistry <=> Physics''.
Described as: ''Field Theory <=> Probability Theory <=> Relativity Theory <=> Classical Theory''.

That, is the present formulation of the foundation of universal creation, and the forming of Matter.
A more comprehensive theory, integrating all mentioned four models of science, is Tetryonics.
Therein it is possible to see that the universe as a whole is an electromagnetic field, in formation.
Therein electromagnetic (phase) field form all forms of matter, and //move// all forms of Matter.

Religion tries to describe the immaterial aspect, of the underlying electromagnetic fields.
Science tries to describe the resulting motion and transformations of forms of Matter.
In our life, we will always need to address both: The Forming AND the Forms of Matter.
That is what we experience within our living body; the integration of 'Religion' and 'science'.

Science seeks to provide a (external) Description; Religion seeks to address our Experience (internal).
Objective Science described Objects; in fact, only descriptions of objects: Objects in Language (Models).
Know this: a scientific 'Object" is an object-in-language; it is a model; not real (thus in fact a fiction).
This makes science in essence the same as religion: a belief in mental construct; 'held to be true'.


Science is a belief in models of Reality; Religion is a belief in models of realisation.
Reality (noun) is a result of Realisation (verb/noun); and we experience both in our body.
The principles thereof are described in www.scienceoflife.nl; addressing the essence of life.
The Essence of Life is "Freedom of Choice"(which is absent in so-called 'dead matter').

All living beings (learn to) operate Freedom of Choice; individually, and collectively.
As mentioned above: the universe as a whole is an integral Electromagnetic Information/Energy Field.
That means that we can understand the (Trans)formation of all Forms of Matter from that perspective.
That again means that we must not only think in terns of local information, but also as universal information.

This means that we must think at two levels of being; at the same time: the part AND the whole.
We see this in every Cell; which is by definition the outside-in version of the universe as a whole.
We see this in every cell in our body, which is by definition the inside-out unfolding of the first cell.
And we see it in the relationship between every human ('cell') in (the 'body' of) Humanity.

Every Cell/Human has individual conscious/knowledge; the same is the case for the Body/Humanity.
That means we have knowledge 'within us'; associated with our own experiences in/of Being.
But we also have in-formation of what happens around us: in the universe, and in humanity (life).
The collective.shared/'telepathic' (electromagnetic) information of humanity (life) is often called 'god'.




"Pro's and Cons".
Evidently, this is a word game:

ProVisions was set up to offer you a network of Pro's (Professionals) to get rid of your Cons (Contraries).
A group of Therapists and Trainers, with individual Client/Consultation Practices, good at what they do.
Who know their capabilities, but who also know their limitations, and who know people who therein complement them.
That is, ideally, how you wish to work together with all people in your work space; not for [[Money]], but by [[Intent]].

Then, this project, this proposition for a 'different kind of Consulting Practice, took another turn.
It became clear that all too often [[Money]] is the 'one and only' problem in any enterprise/activity.
Thus i steered in that direction - sought and found remedies for the 'root of all evil', bank money.
//Leaving the Practice of ProVisions (up) to You; as a Teach Yourself, Do It Yourself (DIY) Project//.

Thus i now offer you all the Principles and Techniques of ProVisions here, as a HandBook.
By understanding the [[Principles]] you will know what to do, and how to do it.
By practicing the [[Techniques]] you will get better at being yourself and doing what you do.
You will realise that it is indeed all about "Getting the [[Pro]]'s to get rid of your [[Con]]s.

But Consultation is also a means to get rid off the 'Criminal Elements'; in your organisation.
Sometimes this pertains to other people, who operate by malicious intent: "criminals".
Sometimes however that refers to you: self-sabotage and misconduct due to mistakes you make.
One of the realisations in ProVisions is that 'Criminality' is a //Dis-ease//; which can be cured.

Yet, as the saying has: "it takes one to know one"; //can you recognise and identify those 'criminal elements'.
Can you realise that perhaps, like you, these 'others' are not 'criminal' but Confused ('Cons')?
Can you then, perhaps, also realise that those 'others' would be best helped by ... help?
Yan you imagine that perhaps their 'differentness' might be a solution, rather than a problem; for you, and your organisation?

Are you aware that the word 'your', in the expression "your organisation" does NOT refer to YOU (singular, individual)?
Are you aware that the word "You", in that context, can ONLY refer to "ALL OF YOU", who toegether form the organisation?
Responsibility is a word which lacks precise meaning.
Often it is confused with Accountability.
Sometimes it is confused with Compulsory Subservience.
It is better to instead use the word [[Response-Ability]]

The words Responsibility and Irresponsibility are used most often in a context of "Hierarchy".
It is then given the meaning of Appropriate Conduct in executing a Prescribed Job.
The Job Description than  is interpreted to mean a Task Prescription, 'to be followed to the letter'.
If the job is executes as prescribed, it is said that it was Responsibly done, even if all went wrong.

This meaning of Responsibility has been extensively studied for the WW2 Concentration Camps.
Those who well did the job of mistreating, were said to be "Responsible" in their "Responsibility".
(This by the way was applied to both the German and the American Concentration Camp personnel.
Many people are unaware that the US Military operated the Rhine Meadows Concentration Camps.)

John Milgram and Philip Zimbardo studied why and how 'good people can/will do evil'.
Experiments proved that 'normal people' under 'abnormal conditions' will do evil deeds.
While the people initially individually are civil and friendly, they can easily become 'evil'.
Evil, also called Irresponsible Behaviour thus has to do with a characteristic of Groups.

The following schema explains why this is, and why it was so ill understood.
The governing pringiple is simple: ''the larger the group, the lower its consciousness''.
Very large groups operate at a very low level of consciousness.
That also means that as a group Response-ability lacks, and Irresponsibility reigns.

The same is also seen in people 'making promotion'.
The higher 'up  the ladder they go, the more Irresponsible they seem to become.
At the peak of the ladder, horrific, 'criminal', Irresponsible decisions are often taken.
But when they retire, and 'become normal people, again, they are, again, friendly.

| Individual | Relationship | Group | Humanity |
| Conscious | Subconsious | Unconscious | Out-of-conscious |
| Response-Able | Responsible | Irresponsible | Non-responsible |
1) The Universal Laws of [[Cosmic Creation]]
2) The Laws of Nature of [[Life]] on [[Earth]]
3) The Laws of Cycles (the [[Food Chain]])
4) The Laws of the Land ([[Territories]])
//Avoidance = a void dance'//: ''Keep the centre clear''

It is the space between people where it all happens.
It can ONLY happen there, where there is space.

Things Matter.
But what matters more is how things are formed.

The //Forms// of Things are important.
The //Forming// of things is more important.

Many people believe in "Thing-King";
They believe that //Matter Matters//.
Much more important is "Thinking".
Because 'only Mind can Move Matter'.

Life is not about living in Earth.
Life is about what we make of/on Earth.
Do we create Hell, on/of Earth?
Or do we create Paradise on Earth?

The choice is (y)ours.
(y)Our choice, Matters.

In order to be able to choose, you must be free to choose.
In order to be free to choose, you must be free in your mind.

We all work with/in the reality that exists.
But what we make of that reality all starts in (y)our mind.

Therefore be free to keep your mind free of the idea(l)s of others.
Be free to imagine what all-that-is could-be, and might-be.

Your real might lies in what you can imagine what might be.
Your destruction lies in what you hold to be real, but is not.
[[Life]] is based on the ability to use [[Freedom of Choice]].
ALL life forms have that ability: to use [[Freedom of Choice]].
No matter how large or small: all take their own life decisions.
Many of these decisions become 'hardware encoded'; "DNA".

All life forms share DNA, via the so-called "Food Chain".
In our body, we can see that Food is a form of Information.
The organs that digest our Food, also digest all Information.
Remember: "information" itself is also always "in formation".

Life is about "Information Organisation"; optimising in-formation.
Bodies, in ALL life forms, are optimal containers for experience.
Bodies are formed by living cells, to FORM their experience.
Every body shape is a resonator/amplifier of life experience.

All life forms experience [[Freedom of Choice]]; and [[Creation]].
Some life forms focus on very specific elaborate details.
Like precision tools, what they do is limited but exact.
They are precision tools for that fundamental kind of realisation.

Life is about (learning) using [[Freedom of Choice]].
That makes ALL  life forms [[Creators in Creation]].
All life forms focus on a forms of Realisation; each in its own way.
Therein all life forms complement each other; and share their learning by sharing their DNA ("the Food Chain").
'Anger' results from misdirected creative energy.
'You would like to put something in motion, but the environment is not accomodating'.
'I t is like pushing a rock wall; nothing budges'.
The only result is that you heat up, internally.

That is precisely what Anger is.
Misdirected Energy, which 'gets stuck'.
As a result it bounces back; to you.
As a result: YOU heat up.

The solution is simple.
Stop raping your environment.
See where there is place and time  for your creativity.
And communicate your vision, with clarity.

Anger management is about self-management.
Stop projecting what you want 'onto the environment.
Stop acting like a 3-year old ('I want it, i want it now').
Instead communicate and negotiate; who is willing to play along?
''BYOB – Bring Your Own Backup''

All people working for money in a company or corporation have their (money) dependents.
As long as our society is mainly money-based, this will be the case – and a potential problem.
You can help resolve the problem by invoking the help of the people who depend on the people on which you depend.
Ask the people who work with you, to Bring Their Own Backup; train them, skill them, help them.

In that case, whenever someone cannot come to work, they themselves make sure they are replaced.
Also, when they are unable to work and provide for the family, the family is still provided.
Also, those who have the skills can train the skills to others; and ensure that quality is met.
In this way, those who are supported for the workers, become the supporters for the work.

Evidently, having a well trained and well prepared backup team is very powerful.
At times that much more works can/needs to be done, the work team may be doubles.
Evidently, at that time the backup team can also bring their own backup team.
Which again means that the stability and robustness of the work force is assured.

BYOB saves on advertising, recruitment, job interviews and quality control guarantees.
Those who do the work know best hoe the work needs to be done, and can best be done.
Those who do the work know very well who depend on their doing the work well.
By their dependents being able to (do the) work themselves, their autonomy increases.
It is wise to always evaluate how //you// feel about what //you// experience.
Our [[Feelings & Emotions]] are very important feedback 'mechanisms'.
[[Feeling]]s reflect your experience in the presence: your sense of [[Stimulus]].
[[Emotion]]s reflect your experience of your past; and your sense of [[Stress]].

Often people forget to tell others how they feel about what happens.
As a result, it is as if what happens 'is without [[Feeling]]s/[[Emotion]]s.
That however is never the case; our life is all about [[Feelings & Emotions]].
That is how we 'navigate our participation in Creation'; on our own, and together.

It is important to be able to reflect (y)our [[Feelings & Emotions]].
It helps others understand your involvement in what you do (together).
As a result, aspects of (Own) experience which were not foreseen can be known.
In that way it is possible to optimise (y)our sensation of what we do, together.
#Describe the Situation that gives/gave your a Feeling/Emotion response.
#Describes how that experience affects you; as Feeling or as Emotion.
#Communicate how you interpret what that Feeling/Emotion means FOR YOU.
#Communicate what you intent do DO; to redress that Feeling/Emotion.
Note that IT IS //YOUR// FEELING/EMOTION - //no one else's//.
Note that Others CANNOT know what you feel within yourself.
It helps to let them know how your experience affects //you//.
Realise that they CANNOT act of Your Emotions/Feelings; only you can do that.

//See also//:
[[Be Your Own Union]]
It is wise to assess and address your own work load.
Work Load and Load Bearing Capacity are related.
In doing sports, we seek to seek the limit therein.
In doing work, we must stay away from that limit.

In organisations 'people tend to keep each other busy'.
They 'tell others what to do', and 'do what others tells them'.
But that was precisely the problem of 'the concentration camps'.
Those who had the idea, were not the ones who put it in action'.

In a Hierarchy; those who have the idea are NOT the ones who act.
As a result, those who command are irresponsible; unable to respond.
And those who execute the action are irresponsible; unable to decide.
In combination of 2 irresponsible people, horrible things can happen.

That is why in you work you need to be your own union (boss).
''You need to assess your work load; with yourself, and with others''.
''You need to address your coping capacity and coping strategies''.
//Because if YOU do not do it, NO ONE will do it for you'.

//See also//:
[[Be Your Own Counselor]]
'Being' can be a Verb or a Noun.
(Y)our involvements determines the difference.
This essay addresses Fear, Anxiety, Angst, Apathy.
For that, it deals with Pain, Fear, Depression and Death.
These are all indicators of loss of connectedness with/in the environment.
That is healed by restoring contact with the environment, from within.
Enthusiasm is the normal form of experience of the unknown.
Babies tend to be open to experience and explore the unknown.
It is only after parents tell babies what not to do, that fear sets in.

Hierarchy is a very limited method for system organisation.
It is a so-called 2^^nd^^ Order System (vertaining to Variation).
It corresponds with the Vegetative form of life organisation.
This makes it boundary-dependent; thus limited to Interfacing.

[[Hierarchy]] describes some of the limitations of this approach.
[[Hirearchy & Firearchy]] describes how this can cripple organisations.
There is thus very good reason to find ways to overcome those limitations.
We can find the solution in Nature; in de 4 stages of life forms.

| 0D | 1D | 2D | 3D |
| Point | Line | Plane | Volume |
| Somatid | Fungus | Virus | Microbe |
| Cell | Plant | Animal | Human' |

The development in life forms is paralleled in the development of social forms.
Because: communication between humans is based on cell communication in our body.
The processes between people are the inside-out form of he processes within people.
By that principle we can recognise the stages of social development/organisation.

| Individual | Relationship | Group | Humanity |
| Baby | Child | Adolescent | Adult |
| Dictator | Ologarchy | Democracy | Autarchy |
| Terrorism | Apathy | Co-creation | Integrity |

In a Dictatorship, 1 individual determines the social structure/organisation.
In an Ologarchy, 2+ individuals determine the social processes/organisation.
In a Democracy, groups of individuals decide on social transformation/organisation.
In an Autarchy, all individuals determine social integrity/organisation.
In our Eye we have a 'BlindSpot'.
It is the area where the eye does NOT see the environment.
But are you aware that ''you do not see the blind spot in your eye?''.
That means you also have a BlindSpot in your Mind: "You do not see that you do not see".

''__Practice this Exercise, to 'see your BlindSpot'__'':
Hold your arm outstretched in front of you, tumb up (facing you).
Close the eye on the other side of the arm that you raised up.
Look at a fixed point at the hirizon, straight ahead from you.
Slowly move your arm toward the middle of your body.

That is where you then know that you have your BlindSpot, for that eye.
Do the same with the other arm/thumb with the other eye.
Note that the BlindSpot for that eye is in a same position.

Then remember where your thumb was, when you no longer saw your thumbnail, for both arms for both eyes.
That is why you do NOT see the blind spot - the other eye 'fills in the blind spot.
//What you see with the one eye hides what you do NOT see with the other eye//; note the psychological implications!

Even when you look only with one eye, you cannot identify the blind spot clearly.
Look someone else in the eyes, while they do the following exercise.
Ask them to look at your finger, while you move it at armslength away from them horizontally in front of their eye.
And notice that the aye 'Jitters'; it jumps (and that is the motion which 'fuzzes' the edges of the BlindSpot.
You might wish to do this exercise with all people you know and work with.
It helps that all people you know, know that you do not know all that you see; nor do they.

With the closing of our eyelids, we momentarily 'Blind Ourselves".
"In the flash of an eye" we do //Not// see; but we do not see that we do not see.
Because the image-overlay in the rear brain uses memory ("after image") to 'fill in the gap'.
In this way we still SEEM to see while we do NOT see; by Compensation.

In our Eyes we also all, each, have Blind Spots.
That is the place where the Optic Nerve leaves the eye.
In that place the Retina has no sight cells.
That means we, there, all have a 'Gap' in what we see.

The Blind Spot is very well defined; by the lack of nerve cells in the Retina.
But we do not See the Blind Spot, because the //Other Eye// Compensates.
There where the one eye cannot see, the other eye does see.
As a result ''we do not see what we cannot see''.

Apart from the cover-up by Compensation, there is a "Fuzz Factor".
The eyes have a Dynamic Scanning Movement: the Saccadic Motion.
In tracking motion, the eye muscles van 'jitter' (especially when tired).
This 'overshoot correction mechanism' 'fuzzes' the edge of the Blind Spot.

The Blind Spots of the eyes are made 'invisible, my "Image Overlay".
In the rear Brain, the image of the Right AND Left Eye are integrated.
All perceptions that are 'the same' are interpreted as the 'carrier wave'; "Environment".
All signals that are 'different' are interpreted as (if) "Change".


Realise that this "Superposition is done for ALL our sensory perceptions.
In India this surface sensation of called "Samsara"; our interpretation: "Maya".
We therein are NOT AWARE that 'the environment' is merely our body surface sensation.

Every 'Turning Point' in our body is a Blind Spot'.
Every cell originates from cell division; an 'inside-out' turning motion.
Every (sensory/motor/structure/metabolic) organ 'turns inside out' in its own manner.
Our whole body is an assemblage of interconnected Blind Spots".

We 'see' none of these blind spots.
Each of these blind spots limits our perception an realisation.
We thus never have 'information of our environment'; it is only Samsara.
The only experience ("realisation") we have, is by Interpretation.

In this way we not only have an incomplete perception of what we perceive.
We also have an incomplete perception of our environment.
We also have an incomplete perception of ourselves.
And we also have an incomplete perception of each other.


Once you are aware of this, you can resolve conflicts (in perception) with others.
You will be aware that they are incapable of seeing you as you see yourself.
You will realise that they see you without your own blind spots (where you Not see yourself).
Just as our Eyes can compensate for what they do NOT see, so can people, together.
Sensing, Breathing, Drinking and Eating are the four main 'inputs' into our body.
All provide forms of information, by which our body learns from/about our environment.
Each level of Nutrition provides a different level of learning/integration/development/becoming.
These are, respectively, 10 Light, 2) Electromagnetism, 3) Chemistry and 4) Physicality.

In our food we take in the DNA of the life forms of which we took the life (body) or fruit.
In drinking we connect our body into the ongoing circulation of flow on the planet Earth.
In breathing we exchange with the atmosphere of Earth, and share breath wit all life forms.
In sensing we immerse ourselves in the electromagnetic field of universal creation.

Breathing takes place via a tidal in-and-out flow of gasses in our body/environment.
We take on Oxygen, an atomic element in molecular form (two oxygen atoms, O2).
__Oxygen is Paramagnetic__: it orders the magnetic fields around it.
That is also the role of Oxygen in our body: to integrate, harmonise, electromagnetic fields.

In breathing, we take in Oxygen and can reduce the level of Confusion in our body.
Oxygen is the main 'food' to eradicate cancer (which only grows in an acidic environment).
In breathing, we can interact with the natural breathing rhythm of our body.
''Via our Breath we can change our Heart Rate, our Organ Oxygenation, and our Cell vitality''.


The best place to start to learn about breathing is in your body: Hold your breath as long as you can.
You will discover that breathing is an autonomous process; which you can interact with.
As adult, you will have to (re)learn what you did NOT learn as a child: how to Breathe.
You will also discover that you are breathing in an incomplete=unhealthy manner.

First learn from you body; then see what you can learn from the books in breathing.
Books learning is (always) incomplete: they give descriptions, but not Experience/Example.
Yet books can help you discern between live teachers; some do it 'just for the money'.
Your breath is your live; do not entrust it to charlatans and pretenders 'working for money'.

Learn by example: visit the zoo, visit the parks, go into nature: see how animals breathe.
Try to follow their breathing, in the various activities that they do in/for their life/survival.
Notice ho animals in captivity, in polluted cities, breathe differently from animals in Nature.
Notice your own breathing pattern, execise it and correct it - make it the basis for healing.

Breathing is a basis for healing: it connects the rhythms of the Lung, Heart, Gut and Cells,
That means that by your breath you link the Environment, Body, Organs and Body Cells.
By connecting your awareness to Breath, you Breath can 'show you your body'.
You learn to sense, and interact with, the various body time scales and consciousness levels,


//To be continued...//
Cell Communication is the key to understanding human communication.
"Every Human is a Cell in the Body of Humanity".
All human communication is based on Cell Communication.
However: Cell Communication is based on ... Cell Creation.

Cell Creation has two underlying 'stories':
[[Cell Origination]], and [[Cell Division]].

Cell Communication is the basis of what we know as //Physiology//, and "Mind".
Cell communication is also the basis of all interactions between all life forms.

Cell Communication however is //not// the essence of [[Life]].
Cell Communication likewise is //not// the basis of body formation.

Cell Communication is a 'side-effect'of a much more fundamental principle.
'Con' is an abbreviation for "Contra"; which means "Counter-"(as in Counter-productive) or "Anti- (as in Antagonism.
The term also is an abbreviation for a "Con Man", a Trickster, a Deceiver - zomeone who cannot be trusted.

We all have our [[BlindSpot]]s; that means we all have aspects where we cannot know, do not know,
Those are areas where we cannot trust what we think we know; it is a 'Cover-Uo', of not-Knowing.

In that sense we ourselves are the "Con Men" (Con Women) we need to watch out for most.
Paradoxically this is done best by keeping a close watch on your inner Con Man; our Self-Saboteur.

This is where it is practical to practice different forms of "[[Meditation as Medication]]".
These techniques help you get better insight in yourself; thence also into [[Other]]s.
'Contemplation' originates from the words "Con" (together) and "Template" (Example) of "Temple" (Grail=Container=Housing).
ProVisions is a [[Pro Deo]] Project

No money is involved.

The laws of money do not apply.

Laws, directly or indirectly, pertaining to money, do NOT apply.
''Many people are Convicts of their own Convictions''.
__Quite literally, they are Prisoners of their Beliefs__.
//Tragically, not all their beliefs are their own//.
As a result, they become imprisoned in/by Belief/Superstitions //of others//.

|  Choice => Decision => Belief => Reflex |

The way out of that enslavement/imprisonment, is to dismantle the Belief.
The following Schema presents how Beliefs (and Reflexes) are created.
To resolve/dissolve a conviction, the sequence must be reversed.
This calls for a return from out-of-conscious Reflex Behaviour to Conscious Choice.

| Choice | Decision | Belief | Reflex |
| Thinking | Feeling | Action | Being |
| 'Head'| 'Heart'| 'Hara' | 'Holy Bone' |
| Conscious | Subconscious | Unconscious | Out-of-conscious |

The Creation of a Decision specifies an Involvement.
This results in a mediation by the Hypophysis in our Brain.
It responds by a Territorial Shift; changing our Participation in Creation.
The Neural/Animal response (change OF environment) or Vegetative/hormonal response (change IN environment).

Once a Decision is created, this creates an internalised System State.
Essentially, an idea/decision is Incorporated within the body.
It, quite literally, 'Circulates in the Organ System' (a Process Cycle).
That Creates an internal conditioned conditional process state: Belief.

Once a Belief is created, the body (cells) will act on it; via Reflex Action.
From the cellular to the organic to the body response, in the environment.
The Reflexes act-out the beliefs (thus the Decision, thus the Choice).
''If the Belief does not work, change the Belief, Change the Decision, Change the Choice''.

| Reflex <= Belief <= Decision <= Choice |


//See also//:

[[From Reaction to Creation]]
"Is the uniVerse contained in a Box? Bottle? Balloon? Bubble?"
As long as we cannot answer that, all answers are meaningless.
Because: meaning will change, if the context/definition changes.
Change is the (re)creation of context; thus creation of meaning.

Cosmic Creation is defined as the process of material manifestation.
From a cosmic electric ("van Oort") gas cloud to (electric) stars, to planets.
From information to electromagnetism to chemistry to physics.
By photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electron-oscillation <=> electron-bonding.

The Alchemists already understood this: the "Transmutaion of the Elements".
They also understood that the states of Matter are merely 'consequential'.
More important that the "material states", are the "state transitions"(of matter).
This transition between phase states, the Alchemists called the "Quintessence".

Cosmic Creation is an ongoing process; 'not a noun, but a verb'.
Cosmic Creation operates by orchestrating coherent phase changes.
The phase transitions are the "Quintessence" of the Alchemists.
In [[Living Beings]] it is operated/experienced as [[Freedom of Choice]].
The ProVisions Course programs is composed of a series of steppingstones.
Each of the topics listed below gives you insight in fundamental principles.
They are all based on the way your body/mind functions.
They all can help to function better in being human in humanity.

Feel free to create your own journey of (self) discovery by the steps you take in stringing these topics together in the way that suits you best.

Education teaches children an incomplete notion of individuality.
Marriage conditions an incomplete understanding of relationship.
Corporations create an incomplete view on human collaboration.
Church-states create a state of dependency by (money) taxation.

The curriculum deals with all these aspect of human realisation.
They address 1) individual, 2) relationship, 3) group and 4) humanity.
But at the core of it is the realisation of individual freedom of choice.
Which can only be achieved/experienced as unique individual realisation.

The Curriculum starts with redefining the experience of individuality.
This ties in with, only, your unique individual freedom of choice.
But that, immediately, puts you in contact with all consequences.
And the requirement to realise how you are a(-)part of everything else.


"__Education__" teaches children an incomplete notion of individuality.
"__Marriage__" conditions an incomplete understanding of relationship.
"__Corporations__" create an incomplete view on human collaboration.
"__Church-states__" create a state of dependency by (money) taxation.

Are you aware that a "''Corporation"'' is in fact a ‘slave plantation‘?
It is the opposite of a ''"Co-operation'"'' co-created and co-owned.

Corporations, as slave plantations, can be bought and sold.
As slave systems, they need to do what the owners tell them.
By law, their only goal is to make money profit for its owners.
Watch the documentary on www.thecorporation.com.

Once you have read the book and seen the movie, think further.
Study which of the organisations you deal with, are corporations.
See have shareholders never invest, but gamble for money profit.
And see how real investment requires care for the product, the people and the planet.

You may want to study the opposite of the Corporation, the Co-operation.
It is a social production dynamic in which all participants are co-creators.
“Credo” is an exercise in self-presentation for self-realisation.
“Credo”, from Latin, means ‘I believe’; your belief in yourSelf.
“Credo” is the basis of the “Letter of Credit”, of/for respect.
The credit that others give you must/will be based on your Credo.

“Credo” is a fundamental realisation exercise in ProVisions.
YOU define what you choose to realise with/in YOUR life.
It MUST be realisable, for yourself and others, for your life.
For that reason you MUST validate your own credo, with others.

There are four questions to clearly answer for yourself:
1.1)  What do you stand for?
1.2)  What are you going for?
1.3)  What is your goal?
1.4)  What will be the result?

There are 4 questions to ask of others:
2.1) Please read what I wrote out loud
2.2) Please retell what you read in your own words
2.3) Please describe how what you read affects you
2.4) Please say if what you read moves you in any way

Please ask these questions to 4 kinds of people:
3.1) Someone you know and trust
3.2) Someone who sincerely dislikes and distrusts you
3.3) An acquaintance, with whom there is mutual vague liking
3.4) An ‘objective’ outsider, whom you don’t really know.

Each time, follow these simple steps:
4.1) Present the other with the Credo that you wrote
4.2) Ask for the feedback as described in (2)
4.3) Evaluate your experience of the exercise/experience
4.4) Rewrite your credo, each time again; more compact. More clear.
Education, from the Latin ''“E-ducare”, means “to lead out“''.
''"Indoctrination"'', also from Latin, ''means “to impose ideas“''.

Humans are not only individual, but also social.
All humans relate to themselves, AND to others.

Everybody grows up from baby to child to adolescent to adult.
In doing to you develop individuality in relationship in groups in humanity.

You start by learning to stand on your own, become autonomous, then soverein, then autarch.
The level of political development of a nation depends on how many people become autarch.

In some families, and societies, this growth into adult human being is stiffled.
Instead of growing up to be independent, humans are made dependent.

This leads to different political systems: Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Democracy or AUtarchy.
In which people are regarded as 1) babies, 2) Children, 3) Adolescents of 4) Adults.

The learning of how to grow up and learn to make your own decisions is crucial.
It is not just about deciding for yourself, but also for humanity (of which we all form part).

The learning to decide for yourself, with others, for humanity, is called Education.
It requires that you learn to identify with your Self, and with all of your choices.
It also requires that you respect choices made by all living beings.
That may lead to all humans being Response-Able and Reliable, in humanity.

Education is not about What you think, but about How you think.
It is the counterpart of knowing What to eat, then How to eat.

Thinking is a process of digesting information; taking out all it contains.
It is not abour ruminating, replicating what others may have known.
It helps to know what others know; it helps more to understand them.
Education is not about obtaining information, but learning to know what you do (not) know.
First say Yes, to acknowledge that you have heard what that the other said something.
Then say Yes, to let the other know that you understood what they (may) have said.
Then, say Yes to inform the other that you are thinking about what they said to you.
Finally, tell the other if what they said is meaningful an/or relevant to you - whatever you do.

When someone says something it does NOT mean that you must already know it.
Neither does it mean that you could or should understand it.
It certainly does not ask if you agree with it - only you can do that for yourself.
It definitely cannot ask you to act on it (that would be slavery); you must make up your own mind (first).

1)    Do you understand all the words in the exercise?
2)    What knowledge do you already have of this topic?
3)    What of that knowledge are you sure of; what knowledge do you doubt?
4)    What knowledge do you need to be certain; where can you find it?
5)    When you go out to find that knowledge, consult people AND records.
6)    Integrate your findings in a personal presentation of your knowledge.
7)    Compare your findings with those of others; note (dis)agreements.
8)    If you are not certain of your findings, repeat the cycle of this quest.


The following is a thought-exercise.
It is an exercise in thinking; for thinking beyond (y)our tacit assumptions.
The example invites you to study details of all contracts you make.
It focuses on one contract many people make in their life: ‘marriage’.

Marriage is a business agreement.
Marriage is a typical example of a pre-formatted contract between individuals.
Except that in this case it is a contract between two people and … a corporation.
The marriage contract here serves as a lesson in hidden contract.

Marriage has one purpose only: the dependent spouse can benefit from pension after the death of the life partner.
All other regulations under marriage laws concern agreement of property and possessions of two people, and illustrate the general form of a business contract.

It is wiser to simply have a provision in the pension insurance plan which partner may benefit from your pension after your death.

Most people marry without ever having studied the contract that they enter into.
If they had read the marriage contract, as described in the law of the land, they probably would not marry.
Because the marriage contract has no specifications about the way people can/shall relate to each other.
Instead, it is only, merely, a financial contract/obligation between two individuals and the state-taxation-corporation.

Marriage is a contract with the state, a corporation.
Marriage can also be a contract with the church, a corporation.
Marriage best be a contract with your business partner, your marriage partner.
Marriage is NOT required for sharing your life with a life partner.

You are always free to decide whom you choose to live with.
You do NOT need a licence nor contract for this.
Marriage license was created to regulate the sexual relationships between ‘free people’ and ‘slaves’.
Because offspring of slaves were considered to be cattle, owned by their owners; ‘who owned cross-breeds?’.

Marriage contracts were created to regulate the financial relationship between two families.
Families in themselves were considered to be a business Unit, a corporation.
Each family owned lands plus buildings plus cattle plus any other property.
Marriage contracts specified which property became part of the other family union.

Church Marriage license has a surreptitious pernicious hidden aspect.
The Pope in Rome claims ownership of Earth and the body, mind, Soul of all people living on it.
But for that claim to be substantiated people must willingly submit themselves to that.
Marriage license is a contract to also subjugate any offspring to the church.

State marriage license likewise has pernicious hidden aspect.
The contract makes the marriage agreement subordinate to the laws of the land.
This makes it possible, required, to invoke legal court ruling for domestic marital conflict.
But the main purpose is to regulate the financial/property ownership/distribution.

You do not need a marriage license/contract to share your life with a life partner.
A State marriage contract only serves to in title your life partner to your pension after your death.
A Church marriage contract only serves the church because it entitles it to taxation.
A personal wedding contract serves to prevent conflicts about own/shared properties/possessions.

You do not need a wedding to create a contract about ownership/possession of shared property.
You are free to choose any religion, and it’s regulation of the number of spouses, for your wedding.
You are free to choose any country, and its regulation on the type of taxation, for your wedding.
But you might prefer to register your relationship with your partner as a company or foundation.

Many countries know the concept of the family foundation, for managing family property/income.
The purpose of such a foundation is to guarantee the support of the whole family group, forever.
Every family member is a shareholder in the collective individual/family property/income.
The foundation is a financial/economic Treasury/trust to ensure survival of the family group.

If you do not set up your own family foundation for your financial self-preservation, you will be dependent of the society that you form part of.
‘Society’ must be interpreted here as a social financial instrument/organisation only.
It is not a voluntary charitative social support system in which people help each other.
It is, instead, a parasitical financial banking system set up for the enrichment of others.

Churches became the richest institution on the planet by regulating society taxation.
The church reformation ‘reallocated’ the aspect of (unforced) financial taxation to the state.
Since that time, states-‘under-God’ arranged transfer of tax income to the church.
That meant that it in fact became unimportant if people still were member of a church.

This is how now people are seemingly free to choose their own religion regulation.
You can opt for a religion where you can have 1, or 4, or 40 wives, just as you like.
As a woman you can also choose your religion of choice, (with less choice on number of husbands…).
The question is always: what actual social support do you get in return; to which extent do others now determine your life/choices?

From the perspective of the state marriage is a very specific and highly regulated contract.
The contract entitled one human to share pension with another human after his/her own death.
The contract stipulates this as a requirement for financial support between two people, and their offspring.
In order to be able to make use of this provision an elaborate number of conditions must be met.

Two examples of the regulation of these conditions are shown, of two different countries.
The first example comes from Switzerland, where citizens are considered to be sovereigns.
The second example comes from the Netherlands, where citizens are considered to be subjects.
Both legal formats demonstrate that the actual agreement is hidden in the text.

Exercise: find the texts of the marriage laws on the internet.
Do this for your country, and the two countries mentioned above.
In a text-editing programme, highlight in different colours:
What is the contract, what are the condiions, how does it help the state, (how( does it help you?

Notice that the first statements about marriage are not very helpful.
They do not describe what marriage is, nor what it is supposed to do.
Only later cannot be seen that it is binding contract for support between two people.
But it is just as evident that most of the text is about the conditions for security of the agreement.

Again, the word security must be understood to be a financial instrument only.
In fact, the whole marriage law has one financial purpose only.
It specifies an enforceable commitment for support between two people.
It hides the one provision of marriage (right of transfer of pension after death) between verbiage.

Exercise: how would you write your own marriage contract?
How do you ensure that all involved keep their own free choice and free will?
How do you safeguard the wellbeing and autonomy of born children?
How can you ensure that the agreement is repected and upheld?
The word "No" is a 'negation', a 'rejection', a 'denial'; it does not inform.
The word "No" closes the boundary/door'/communication/involvement.
The word "No" says nothing to, or about the person who hears the "No".
The word "No" only communicates that the speaker of the word 'switches off".

Choosing is a skill and an art.
It requires skill, because you need overview and experience.
It is an art because it requires involvement and discernment.
By the integrity of your choices you determine the integrity of your life and the health of your body and being.

Creating choices goes through 4 levels;
1) choice, 2) decision, 3) belief, 4) realisation.
It also requires 4 stages of consciousness awareness:
1) individual options, 2) emotional feelings, 3) bodily sensations and 4) wholesomeness.

It all starts with knowing that you can choose.
If you feel you have no choice, create one (The Rule of Renout: "il faut forcer les choix").
If you have only two options, add more 'confusers' to help make clear what you do (not) want.
If you have too many options (4+) add some more (to end up with around 8 options) to help streamline your choices.

Realise you cannot work this out in your head: your mind may be fast at switching between options, but your feelings/emotions may be slow in following, creating an emotional 'slurring' that acts on new options and gives them an inappropriate emotional charge context.
Use time-line planning and mind maps to work with the intellectual levels.
Use meditation (this may be a good time to learn) for the emotional level.

Planning futures

Evidently we do not know the future; and it is not what we find but what we create.
We cannot (well) foresee the future; but must certainly not project the past upon it. 
Projecting the past ("expectations") ALWAYS creates disappointment: "the disappointment is as large as the expectation was wrong".
Keep your life creation clear: plot every potential path (for possible futures) on a separate chart.

For every option create a Mind Map of associations/ramifications.
Then Prioritise the items of the Mind Map on a Time Line.
Then create a Critical Path Analysis (with backup plans) for every conceivable option.
Then put all the Critical Time Line Maps together in perspective on one chart.

Meditate on the Consequences

There is no way to foresee the unforeseeable unforeseen.
Best you can do is compare to what you know and have known.
That requires a 'living into the planned possibility', at various levels.
This requires meditation; if you don't know it, learn it.

1) First be clear in the choice you want to "test drive" (step one of creating critical time path/plans is required).
2) Imagine a scenario/setting in which you live your plan as-if real: this requires trained imagination.
3) Rerun the experience and feel what happens 'in your gut'; and see where your plan 'runs you out of the rails' (of your habits/comfort zone).
4) Redo the experience but now pay attention to your bodily well-being and health in the whole body (again, meditative experience is essential).

In fact, you will 1) visualise, 2) feel, 3) emotionalise and 4) heal.
You will use the 1) pineal gland, 2) hypophysis (animal/vegetative response), 3) organs (body memory/consciousness) and 4) cell response (DNA/ancestral memories).
In fairy tales this was called 1) king, 2) advisors, 3) court, and 4) populations.
Thus, you were taught the meditative decision-taking-process, but probably never know it.


Realise that your life/reality is (in part) your own creation/realisation.
You not only create your own choices, but also a sequence of consequences.
You need to use your mind to create overview and discernment; via time charts.
You need to use your body (meditation) to check the integrity of your participation in creation.

The above technique is a tool, a technology for optimising choices.
The list option, mind map, time lines and critical paths are best done in writing.
The pre-testing, against (unconscious) memories, can only be done in the body (meditation).
Remember that your life is your own; only you are response-able for the con'sequence of your life choices.
Type the text for 'Creation'
Every [[Living Being]] is a "Creator in Creation".
Because, by definition, every [[Living Being]] has [[Freedom of Choice]].
That means that they can [[Adopt & Adapt]]: 'live & learn'.
They can change their environment, and can change in their environment.

Creation is always double-edged, and double-sided.
Change is always internal, and external.
Change always takes place on/in the interface.
Because [[Freedom of Choice]] operates only as change in interfacing.

"Creation" is both the [[Product]] and the [[Process]].
Creation is thus, simultaneously, a 'noun' and a 'verb'.
That also means that a "Creator" is always in Creation".
The creator changes within, in changing the environment.

This is the key to understanding "Creators in Creation".
Both the Creators and the Creation change; each separately, and both together, in their changing environment.
It is in seeing the changes-of-the-changes-in-the-changes that the process of creation is seen.
[[Life]] on [[Earth]] is about learning how to create, by using [[Freedom of Choice]].
The Credo is the starting point of everything you do in your life.
By your [[Freedom of Choice]] you define your [[Free Will]] thus [[Free Expression]] resulting in your [[Free Association]].
__Your Credo is your Intent__: ''What you wish to Do with your life; what you wish to Create in your lifetime''.
__Your Credo carries through in your Relationships, in your environment and it forms your life experience on Earth__.

>[[Optimising your Self]]
>[[Optimising your Interactions]]
>[[Optimising your Organisation]]
>[[Optimising your Experience]]

Realise that your organisation is NOT //your// organisation.
Organisations 'arise' because many people share an Intent.
(If the intention is only 'to make money', then the //organisation// will fail.
That is because money is an External Motivator; not founded on Own Interest.)

(Note that is Money is the only 'driving force'; if you are dealing with a Corporation'.
 A Corporation is the legal term for a "Slave Plantation", 'without using that term'.)
In working 'as (if) a slave, you can not develop your own Freedom of Choice.
On not developing your Freedom of Choice you do not develop your Soul.
''Out-of-context = sick''

//Disease is simple//:

''Whatever is out of context tries to return to its own context''.

In trying to get away from where they are they antagonise where they are.
Evidently: they have no interest in where they are.
They are not actively acting against it.
They are actively trying to get away from it.

//Healing is simple//:

That what is 'sick' is out of //its own// //proper// context.
It tries to get back in/to its own proper context.
You can help it find/regain its proper own context.
When this succeeds, health is restored
A "Curriculum" is a "Tour" to achieve a new Understanding.
A "Curriculum", //in the mind//, is the counterpart of a "Hike", //on the land//.
Or, it could be regarded as the equivalent of a discovery journey, over the seas.
In each case, you start where you are, and you end up ... elsewhere.

A "Curriculum" is more than that; it is a "Guided Tour", with/for a Purpose.
It usually is a trail, tracing the trials of someone else, towards new understanding.
Compare it to 'following a guide', in order to get to know the journey yourself.
Once you followed the Tour, and found your Way, you again can Guide others.

The ProVisions Curriculum is intended/created in this manner.
Each Curriculum provided a path to a different way of thinking.
That will help you come to different understanding; and better actions.
It also means that you will need to leave your own standpoint; and move beyond.

ProVisions offers you a change of perspective; a diffect view and outlook.
Instead of regarding a job as 'survival'; it can also be a means for self-realisation.
Instead of regarding work as a 'chore'; it can also be a training of/for new potential.
"//Instead of regarding an organisation as a 'mechanism'; regard it as an organism//".

The curriculum deals with all these aspect of human realisation.
They address 1) individual, 2) relationship, 3) group and 4) humanity.
But at the core of it is the realisation of individual freedom of choice.
Which can only be achieved/experienced as unique individual realisation.

The Curriculum starts with redefining the experience of individuality.
This ties in with, only, your unique individual freedom of choice.
But that, immediately, puts you in contact with all consequences.
And the requirement to realise how you are a(-)part of everything else.

| [[The Art of the Healer]] |
| [[Everyone a Director]] |
| [["Thank god..."]] |
''Do NOT digest your work''(space)

Your body organs digest food, but also information.
Your brain is ... an extension of your body organs.
In the embryo, the brain and heart changed places.
As a result the brain is closely connected to the sensory organs in the head.

Yet, functionally, the brain still works in, and as, the centre of the organs.
That means that what happens in the brain can affect the organs, and vice versa.
It also means that what you think can affect your body ("Psychosomatics").
And it means that work-stress can affect the health in, and of, your body.

The brain and the gut (organs) are thereby also related.
In the gut, we deal with the world (food) travelling through our body.
In the brain, we deal with our body travelling through the world (information).
These are complementary processes, and must not be confused.

Yet confusion is in a way unavoidable: our organs digest food AND information.
For our body food IS information: molecules are electromagnetic (information) spectra.
Cell communication uses molecules as carriers for information; at four levels.
As physical molecules, chemical reactivity, electromagnetic signature and as radio wave antenna.

The molecular circulation of molecules between organs cells forms our physiology.
The information communication between organ cells forms our psychology.
In the molecules, and in the organ cells, information communication IS (as if) food.
In fact, there are people who do not eat, showing that information IS (in fact) food.

Now that you know that information is food, it means you must discriminate.
Avoid fast food restaurants, because they feed your body/mind 'haste'.
Avoid TV shows and commercials, because they feed 'empty' information.
Instead separate, in your mind, 'work' and 'experience'; also in your body.

This separation between the world and the body is called "Hygiene".
You wash your hands before you eat and after using the toilet.
We do not use waste water for washing our body or drinking.
Likewise do not feed your body the experience(s) of your work.

As the Sufi's say: "we are in the world but not of it".
You must be able to work in the work space, without it working in you.
Work is something we do; and experience we play with and learn from.
Food is something we take in; we integrated and become (one with) it.

As our sleep cycle, digestion and sex shows: we have 4 levels of discernment.
The physical, the chemical, the electromagnetic and the information.
The biting/stroking, the digestion/sensation, the enzymes/activation, and assimilation/integration.
In the sleep cycle, it is the shift from Environment to Body to Organ to Cell awareness.

The same is the case for work experience; the environment that we act in in the world.
We used to travel the world to be immersed in sensations of natural beauty.
We then chose to live in the for us most suitable beautiful environment.
Then we created homes and gardens and tools to live in in that place.

Nowadays the homes became cities, factories and work places.
For many people the work place is the hamster wheel where they live.
They sleep, eat, run around in the wheel, wash, and sleep.
Because most people feed off money off work to pay taxes and retire.

The work space is something that people created.
The money society is something that people created.
In that sense, our social clothing became a restrictive armour.
The harnessed money society is a social medieval experience.

But like all social cultural developments, it is but a transitory stage.
At some time (soon) people will realise that money has become a prison.
People already are aware that money is not food (nor good).
Soon people will know that it matters what they work; and how they live.

Because we do not live to feed our body; and money is not food.
We do not live to feed our mind; and work is not always learning.
We do live to develop our soul; our capacity for freedom of choice.
Because we live because we are spirit: we are all creators in creation.

That is why you 'cannot let your work get to you'.
You do the work, but you are not the work(space).
Work is an extension/expression of you; you are NOT an extension of the work.
You are as replaceable in the job, as the job is replaceable for you.

Just be aware that a job is something that you do; not what you become.
You do the job because it helps you discover more of what you are and can be.
If a job no longer helps you discover more of you, it is labour.
Labour is a sign that it is well time to give birth to a new work_environment/you...
''Diversify – With what you do, what else could/can you do?''

Often, with the same product, you can do (much) more than perhaps you imagined.
You may be aware that flour + water => bread, flatbread, cookies, croissants and much more.
You may be aware that the paperclips are use most for other purposes than clipping paper.
What else can you do, with the products, materials, instruments and the people you work with?

Ask the producers: who else uses their products, in which manner, for which purpose/products?
Ask your customers: what else do they (wish) to use their products for, on which occasions?
Ask your partners: what else can they do, with those products, tools, their wits and skills?
Ask your instrument makers: which others use these tools, and what do they do/make with them?

Specifically: ask what else the people you work with can do, and would like to do.
Realise that work is not an interest in life, but a means for survival in a money-based society.
Understand that people have many more interests than are addressed in their work (if such is the case).
If the interests of those people is not addressed in the work, the work become uninteresting, always.

Ask all people you work with to speak of their interests and to present their interests.
This might spark interests in others, not just in the presenter, but also via new insights.
New insights give new understanding with new capacities with new solutions.
Always, new ideas will lead to new ideas which can help optimise the work (process/space/result). 
''Divide=Multiply your work force''

In a Hierarchy there are Workers, Bosses, Underlings and Supervisors.
All have their fixed jobs, with its fixed responsibilities, limitations and boredoms.
In an Autarchy, everybody takes on all those jobs.
As a result are all are inspired, productive, responsible and creative.

Whatever needs to be done is presented at the Auction of the work team for a bid.
It is made clear what is requires, what it produces, how it is rewarded and how it is tested.
Then an Executive, a Supervisor, a Supporter and a Inspectors self-select themselves for the task.
If not a complete team can be found, then the need to do the job is not felt: it is not taken on.

The __Executive__ wants to do the job; alone or with others; as the Engine of the process.
The __Supervisor__ wishes to help do the job wel, bu clearing the way and creating optimal work conditions.
The __Supporter__ ensures that those who do the job have all they need to do it well.
The __Inspector__ looks in on the process, prevents and resolves conflicts and safeguards the quality of all.

Evidently, in a Job Auction, everybody can sign up to more than one proposition.
You can choose to take on one job, assist with another, advice on a third and witness a fourth.
Without any action, this multiplied the work force potential 4-fold, by dividing job role/tasks.
Most important: no one takes on a job in which they have no interest; that makes all jobs interesting
"Earth" is but one of the many names for the planet on which we live.
"Earth" is but one of many planets in the particular solar system.
This Solar System is but one of very many in this large Galaxy.
This Galaxy is but one of very, very many in thus whole uniVerse.
It is necessary to ALSO ''BE EFFICIENT''.
But to be relevant IT MUST ''BE ETHICAL''.
And to be meaningful IT MUST ''BE AESTHETIC''.

These together nowadays are considered to be "Good Business Practice".
The following Table presents the relationships between functional levels.
What we (can) do is related to the way we integrate with/in our environment.
These principles operate within us; they are the basis of our learning/health.

| State | Process | Transformation | Integration |
| Effective | Efficient | Ethical | Aesthetic |
| Place | Speed | Acceleration | Coordination |
| Space | Time | Energy | Information |

//To be continued...//
''Reflexes'' are wonderful instruments, but //they ''can backfire''//.
__Everything you decide, and act on, is recorded in memory__.
You also record the conditions and the outcome, for yourself and the environment.
Once created, the conditions can suffice to trigger (activate) the Reflex.

| Choice => Decision => Conviction => Reflex |

Reflexes (once created) act much faster than you can think.
The first time you need to ‘think it all up yourself’; every detail of it: 'that takes time'.
Once done, you can choose if you want to do it again, differently, or ‘replay from memory’.
Once you have replayed from memory, you can choose to ‘let the conditions run the reflex’.

This means that, once you created a reflex, and decide to replay it, from memory, it becomes automatic.
Not only do you not have to think about it; you cannot think about it: choice is bypassed.
That means that you will often not even aware that the reflex is triggered by ‘the conditions’.
The action will have ‘come and gone’, and you will only notice the (after) effects.

That is how __a reflex becomes a blind spot__: //you can no longer see it//.
Everybody around you can, and will, see it; only you, yourself, can not.
That is the case whether your reflexes work well, or do not work well.
Reflexes that do not work well (any more) are called “Self Sabotage Programs”.

In principle, self-sabotage-programs are boring; just another reflex.
By their effect Self-sabotage-programs can however be devastating, for yourself and others.
Other can see them but do nothing about them.
You can do nothing about them, because you cannot see them.

| A-functional Reflex = Self Sabotage Programme = Possessing Entity = Evil D'evil |

The existence of destructive reflexes (Self Sabotage Programs) is very well known.
Different words have been used: Demons, Devils, Being Possessed and so on.
The difficulty was that outsiders could (still) see them, but do nothing about them.
The problem was that the people ‘afflicted’ did not know, and did nothing about it.

Then again in cases that people did find out that they ‘were possessed’ they could not ‘fix it’.
Because they were not aware that the real problem was that they operate a backfiring reflex.
Because most often they were not aware that, how, their reflex had been created.
They were not consciously aware that they themselves, unawares, created the reflex.

So, now you know: a possession is an a-functional Reflex; a broken computer subroutine.
You programmed the reflex by doing the action, playing it from reflex, automatically.
The way to ‘recondition the reflex’ is to ‘decondition/decommission it.
Whatever the reflex is, was, do it again, and again, and again, differently; as needed.

| Reflex <= Belief <= Decision <= Choice |

Every reflex acts on a belief that you (erroneously) hold to be ‘correct’.
Every Belief is based on a decision that you took, and thought to be ‘correct’.
Every Decision you took is based on a Choice, which (at that moment) seemed to be ‘correct’.
In order to repair a broken reflex, you must thus ‘go back’ three levels.

Each of those levels operates at/as a different level of Consciousness.
Conscious choices create subconscious decision, unconscious beliefs and out-of-conscious reflexes.
In your sleep cycle you switch between all those 4 consciousness levels; but are you aware of that?
That is why people learn to meditate: to edit consciousness at all those four levels.

| Reflexes can act 1000x faster than you can think. |

That thus is the means to get rid of Self Sabotage Programs (A-functional Reflexes).
First, ask yourself, your friend and specifically enemies ‘what is wrong with you’.
Realise that there is nothing wrong with you; it is the reflex that is not working well.
Then replace the ‘wrong reflex’ by one that does work; again and again, as needed.
1) You yourself cannot see your evil devils = self sabotage programs (Blind Spot Events).
2) Ask your enemies, friends and yourself what backfires in your life.
3) Replace the reflex action by intentional actions, to replace the a functional reflex.
4) Do this again and again, until you have no more a-functional reflex programs.''

//See also//:

An 'Emotion' is a reflection of your expectation of your PAST conditioning.
(A '[[Feeling]]' is a sensation of your experience in your PRESENT conditions.)
Emotions and Feelings are Duals.
In one sense thet are the Same.
In one sense they are Opposites.
It is important to understand how they relate.

''Feelings and Emotions are __the same__ at the level of the neurocrine signalling''.
The neurocrine system, is the combined communication via neurones and hormones.
Just as friendly and unfriendly telephone conversations use the same cables.
At that level, they are merely signals being communicated, through a System.

''Feelings and Emotions are __opposite__ in the significance of the communication''.
Feelings pertain to open interest of interactive experience with/in/of the environment.
Emotions are closed reflex expectations of the past, triggered in/by the environment.
Feelings pertain to Perceptions, in the Present; Emotions pertain to Projections, from the Past.

| ''Feelings'' | | ''Emotions'' |
| //Present// || //Past// |
| __Experience__ || __Expectation__ |
| __Perception__ || __Projection__ |
| //Open// || //Closed// |
| 'Heaven' || 'Hell' |
| Creaction || reaCtion |
| Free || Pressure |
| Interested || Demanding |
| Learning || Repetition |
| ''Choice'' || ''Reflex'' |

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[[From Reaction to Creation]]
''Empower – Everyone is/as director''

A corporation is by definition unconscious and irresponsible; due to the hierarchy/administration.
In a corporation, everyone is decision taker; information is immediately spread resulting in action.
The corporation is a mammoth ship with a small rudder and a wasteful engine and paid crew.
The cooperation is like a flock of birds each under own steam with their own helm and self-paid.

The quickest way to empower your work force is by changing your corporation into a cooperation.
A corporation operates with a hierarchy; everybody is a slave to a master; even the master is slave.
In a cooperation everybody is master; and their mastery determines the quality of the cooperation.
In such a cooperation, everybody is director of what they do, and of everything that happens.

This makes a cooperation resilient an robust: everybody is always able to answer, and to act.
Everybody can switch jobs with anyone else in the corporation; and thus assist or replace as needed.
Whenever someone is bored of overworked, others are told and assist. Advice or take over.
Anyone who needs more money or more spare time switches with others as needed/desired.

As everyone is director, everybody knows what the cooperation does and what needs to be done.
Everybody knows where the money comes from, and is able to help the clients with information and action.
Everybody knows how it is important to have good information to work with, and seeks good suppliers.
Everybody ensures that all that is done is done well; and that those in need are helped well.
| [[Co-ordination]] | [[Communication]] | [[Control]] | [[Command]] |

The [[Curriculum]] "''Everyone a Director''" __aims to @@empower the whole organisation@@__.
This is done by investing more time in ''learning to Communicate to Co-operate''.
//That is actually the same as we do in society; in investing in child education, for all//.


The following table is fundamental in understanding the principles of this curriculum:

| Free Choice | Free Will | Free Expression | Free Association |
| Individual | Relationship | Group | Humanity |
| Conscious | Subconscious | Unconscious | Out=of-conscious |
| Co-ordination | Communication | Control | Command |

Realise that most people in most societies actually live as slaves.
They do not make their own laws; they do not create their own money.
The consequence is that those societies operate as control hierarchies.
That means that decisions will always be too slow and thus too late.

Imagine a group of people where ALL know the aim, and ALL work towards that.
Then EVERYBODY involved will feel=be responsible for EVERYTHING that happens.
The Man-at-the-door, the Cleaning-lady, the Archivist; all will operate as Director.
You can ask anyone where to go and whom to see: they ALL will know to direct you.

First we will look at the "Backgrounds": different forms of (self) directing your life.
Then we can look at the ways in which you can (learn to) relate/communicate.
That then helps understand how we operate in Groups (in an unconscious manner).


There is an enormous difference in the way we interact with Earth,and with Humanity.
In interacting with Earth, e.g. a rock, You determine what is going to happen (or not).
In interacting with Humans (and animals) you Both determine what may/can happen.
In humanity, all people involved together determine the outcome of the interaction.

In nature we see a development of different life-forms, using different communication.
Cells, Plants, Animals, and self-conscious animals, among which us: the Humans.
These life forms we also see as forms of relationship for communication/collaboration.
"Everyone a Director" aims to treat people in a group as humans, not as if 'objects'.

Realise that (Object-if) science always aims to control and predict.
That approach of (Material) science only applies to inert objects.
Living organisms however always have own Freedom of Choice.
It is that quality that needs to be enhanced most in (groups of) people.

This means that __the models of science do NOT work well for organisations__.
Living Beings are NOT Objects; and do NOT follow the 'Laws of Dead Matter".
Living beings self-direct their lives, and their interactions with/in their environment.
Therein they use Communication to enhace their Co-operation for Collaboration.


The best way to function as a group is that everybody knows what happens.
They then also knows what they can do; and what others are doing.
Therein ''"all can (Not) Do what they do (No) (like to) do best".''
__This is the 'magic formula' by which people work better together, than alone__.

An individual combines Thinking, Feeling, Acting and Being; focused on the Effect.
In Relationships, all individuals together determine the (//Subconscious]]) Interaction.
In Groups (Relationships of Relationships) the resulting interaction is Unconscious.
In Humanity (Group of Groups) the interaction between humans is out-of-consciousness.

It is possible, and necessary, to (learn to) operate eachof those four levels of consciousness.
That means that every individual can be aware of their role in a relationship, group, humanity.
That however always takes place at the different levels of consciousness; which must be combined.
''That is the main aim of the Training "Everyone a Director": to each operate those four levels''.

This however requires to also understand how to use Freedom of Choice at all of those four levels.
This is: freedom of Choice, Free Will, Free Expression, and Free Association/Dissociation.
Freedom of Choice only operates WITHIN people; it never operates Between people.
When Freedom of Choice is operated with respect within people, Freedom between people is the result.
//Do what you do/like best//

''Do what you do best
 Do what you like best''

There are others who …

//Do what they like best
Do what they do best//

But, being different than you,
they do different things, and
they do things differently;
and like to do different things.

//Find the people who like to do what you like not to do.
Find the people who can do well that you do not do well.//


Take a piece of blank paper.
Fold it double, in the middle.

On the right side write: "''This is what i do best''"
On the left side write: "''This is what i like doing best''".

On the Reverse left side write: "''This is what i do worst''".
On the Reverse Right side write: "''This is what i dislike doing''".

The art of [[Symbiosis]] is the act of [[Synergy]]:

''There are other people,
who like to do what you dislike doing;
 There are other people,
 who are good at doing what you cannot do (well).''


you will discover,
that there are others,
whom you can help; or who can help you.
The exercises deal with your
| Body | Mind | Soul | Spirit |

Therefore, some you can only do by thinking about them; in re-thinking what you think you know.
Some execises ONLY 'work' if you apply them; your Body must 'get the hang of it', to work it.
The exercises always pertain to the environment that you live in: both the Earth, and Humanity.
Both 'partners' require a specific kind of understanding, of yourself, to interact well with them.
'Feel Well' is at the same time a Recipe for Diagnosis, AND Treatment.
A 'Feeling' is a sensation of your experience in your PRESENT conditions.
(An '[[Emotion]]' is a reflection of your expectation of your PAST conditioning.)
'Feelings & Emotions' are 'Signals on the Dashboard'.
Like blinking lights and bleeping sounds, they warn.
They are indicators to assess our Involvement.
And help regulate between [[Stimulus]] and [[Stress]].

__In our body, stress and stimulus are 'the same'__.
Both are Signals; mediated by Neurons and Hormones.
In Neurons, they are 'the same' electrical impulses.
As Hormones, they are 'the same' molecules.

__In our life, Stimulus and Stress are 'opposites'__.
"Stimulus" indicates that the experience 'feeds' us.
"Stress" indicates that the experience 'weakens' us.
Even though the experience itself 'can be the same'.

It depends on the Coping Capacity for the Current Conditions.
To which extent are you 'fulfilled' or 'depleted' within yourself?
To which extent is your environment 'overbearing' or 'empty'?
We are dealing here with RELATIVE state indicator 'values'.

[[Stimulus]] is the sensation of re-empowering yourself.
[[Stress]] is the sensation of draining your own powers.
Understand that both Stress and Stimulus are Navigation Signals.
And that Feelings and Emotions are their Indicator Signs:

|[[Feeling]] | The sensation of integration with/in the present environment|
|[[Emotion]] | The reflection of expectation versus your past experiences|
|[[Stress]] | The notion of being disempowered with/in your environment|
|[[Stimulus]] | The realisation that the present environment fulfills you|

Realise that Stress & Stimulus, Feeling and Emotions operate the same essence.
[[Feeling]]s refer to the PRESENT (Experience); [[Emotion]]s refer to the PAST (Expectations).
[[Stimulus]] and [[Stress]] seem to relate to the environment, but they pertain to your state of being.
You cannot change the environment.Past; but you CAN change how you relate to it.

Realise that it is never the Environment that 'causes' you to experience Feeling/Emotion / Stimulus/Stress.
The environment simply is, as it is; your experience informs you of your involvement within it.
''Feelings and Stimulus indicate that you are able to integrate fully within that present environment''.
''Emotions and Stress indicate that you must change your own involvement to change your experience''.

| ''Feeling'' | ''Emotion'' |
|Present | Past|
|Experience | Expectation|
|Sensation | Reflex|
|Open | Closed|
|Free | Pressure|

//Read  on//:

| [[Feeling]] | [[Emotion]] | [[Stress]] | [[Stimulus]] |
The "Food Chain" is the term to describe life forms eating life forms.
The term is incomplete, because it does not address DNA re-use.
All life forms are composed of molecules that respond to information.
Life is always based on the interplay of information with/in matter'; operating [[Freedom of Choice]].

The "Food Chain" in part refers to the 'dog-eat-dog' 'philosophy' that 'biologists' refer to.
The "Food Chain" is part of the natural cycles of circulation of information - and of life.
This is the third part tof the [[4 Universal Laws]]; the law of natural cycles.
Bear in mind that in the universe, every form of matter is a form of/in formation: information.
"Freedom of Choice is the (quint)Essence of life".
Life does NOT exist without Freedom of Choice.

Freedom of Choice is the ability to (dis)connect.
It determines our (un)involvement, by (non)participation.
Involvement always take place within a 'context'.
Freedom of Choice operates IN the Interface; at EVERY level.

Freedom of Choice operates BETWEEN two states: ON and OFF.
That means that it INCLUDES the dynamic of Opening AND Closing.
It alternates between 4 states: Opening, Open, Closing, Closed.
This, in itself, is "the dynamic of a boundary crossing".

Life is about the ability to change the boundaries.
It involves the creating and destruction of boundaries:
This involves the "Generating, Operating, Destroying" boundaries.
Essential for life, is the preservation of the integration between them.

Freedom of Choice operates the i-g.o.d.-principle:
Integrate, Generate, Operate and Destroy system boundaries.
Freedom of Choice always operates IN the System Boundary.
But it operates OUTSIDE OF MATTER; in information in formation.Type the text for 'Freedom of Choice'
The words "Creation" and "Reaction" contain the same letters.
Yet their meaning are totally opposite.
__Creation is based on Freedom of Choice__.
__Reaction__ is mostly due to __Re__flex __Action__

This is the relationship between Choice and Reflex:
| Choice | Decision | Conviction | Reflex |
Once a Decision is taken a Conviction ('truth') is formed.
Once people act on/by Conviction, Reflex rules their life.

Reflexes are out-of-conscious 'automated responses'.
They always operate 1000x faster than you can think.
That means that they operate/are in your Blind Spot.
You yourself cannot see them, yet others can.

When Reflexes work well they can 'save your life'.
When Reflexes 'backfire', they can destroy your life.
Beneficial Reflexes are 'angels'; Destructive Reflexes are 'Devils'.
Both are reflexes; and both need maintenance and care.

Backward=Backfire=Reversed=Perverted reflexes can be repaired.
All it takes is that "the Reflex is taken off-line". 
This can be 'tricky', because a Conditioned Reflex feels 'Normal'.
This can feel as if you are fighting with yourself (which in fact, you are).

Once you accept the idea that a 'Normal' Reflex is NOT you, you can proceed.
Then //Every// Reflex, which 'automatically' acts 'on your behalf' can be tested.
In fact, you yourself created all of your reflexes; but 'forgot' that you did so.
__"From reaction to Creation" is: ''Take responsibility for (re)creating your Reflexes''__.
Stress and Stimulus are the same sensations, with an opposite meaning.
Both are 'the same' electrical pulses in neurons; and the 'same' hormones.
But Stress indicates that you cannot cope well with your present state of involvement.
Stimulus indicates that your present state of involvements works very well for you.

Realise that this can be unrelated to the environment.
The same environment can be experience as Stress by one and as Stimulus by another.
That means that 'Stress or Stimulus says more about you than about the environment'.
It also means that the first place to see(k) change is within your own involvement.
Money has no value.
Do not use money as a token of value.
This whole document is the 'HandBook'.
By watching it, you already have ALL of it in your computer.
All you need to do is 'click' "Save As" to keep it where you want it.
Because this is a compact, integrated TiddlyWiki format.

To use this DIY Handbook, simply Navigate to follow your interests.
The ''MainMenu'', on the __LEFT__, shows you the project at a glance.
The ''List of Titles'', on the __RIGHT__, gives you 'encyclopaedic' access.
The ''Tags'', on the __TOP__ of EACH PAGE gives you Related Items.

''THIS PAGE'' also gives you a series of Trails that you can follow; 'a Course'.
The Foundation is the understanding of your own body; how to best work with it.
The Practice lies in practicing: Training the Techniques, and to apply them.
The Realisation lies in doing this together with all the people you work with.

|''Foundation'' | ''Practice'' | ''Realisation'' | ''Enjoyment'' |
Healing is the main topic of this whole web site.
Understand how healing works and you can solve any problem.
Because Healing is based on the way in which our body heals itself.
Self-healing is integral part of the metabolism of our body as part of Nature.
Hierarchy is a very limited, and very crippling form of social organisation.
It is based on the //vegetative// system, and the organisation of fungi.
Essentially it is a linear (at best, a branched/fractal) control system.
In that system everybody is master and slave; and a potential bottleneck.

Many corporations use the (military/control) model of a "Hierarchy".
They basically operate by [[Command & Control]], instead of [[Communication & Coordination]].
Command/Control systems ONLY apply to existing/known situation.
//They become 'brittle' and ;break down when circumstances change//.

''Hierarchical systems are the equivalent of //Reflex-based 'thinking'//''.
__Reflexes operate out-of-consciousness__; thus do NOT involve thinking.
They are triggered by memories; of //past// actions, in //past// conditions.
They repeat what has been, but to NOT adapt to new situations.

In operating out-of-consciousness, ''hierarchies are irresponsible''.
As in all reflex actions, no consciousness is required to act.
This by definition leads to //repetition of the past//.
it can not adapt to the present, and does not apply to (creating the) future.
Hiring & Firing is possible only when people live in a State of Dependence.
When people (believe they) 'need money to live or to survive'.
Thus Hiring & Firing" os possible only in a society of 'money slaves'.
The systemic system of dependence is a Hierarchy, in which people are 'kept in their place' via (selective) 'Hiring & Firing'.
The History of ProVisions

ProVisions was created in an instant, when three multidisciplinarians came together in an intedisciplinatian meting
The core question was: "If you're so clever, why ain't you so rich?".
It was decided to make the added value of our knowledge and experience available to others.
And to offer the insights in an inf=sightful way. The name presented itself: "ProVisions".

And so, "ProVisions" it is.
"ProVisions provides you with the Visions of Pros."
"Ourselves, and others: we can scout the world for the people you seek/need."
"And we work in exchange for provisions; sharing and exchanging wealths of different kinds."

And so: ProVisions set out to work.
Contact was sought, and found, with a diverse group of multidisciplinarians. In NL, France and UK.
Together then can deal with any problem, be it personal or of corcorations,
be it physical or spiritual: ProVisions spans the with and depth of what life has to offer.

And so: Provisions started to work.
The first problems were presented and resolved.
The summaries can now be found on our web site, with the lessons that they taught.
And now, on basis of the trials and experiences, ProVisions can start to expand its scope.

The PriVisions insights are now available,
as Consultations, Coaching, Courses, and Conferences.
They are vaiblable also, with more to come,
on the ProVisions Web Site.

You can consult ProVisions by sending us e-mail
Or calling us by fax or phone: 
'How-to ...' best use this HandBook...
'How-to ...' make best use of the ProVisions ''Insights''
'How-to ...' best use the exercises of the ProVisions ''Trainings''
'How-to ...' best help [[Other]]s experience what your learned from using ProVisions understanding

//See//: The [[HandBook]], for 'pathways' (Courses) through the material presented here.
Realise that the whole document is already on your computer; "Save As" to store it where you wish.

The ONLY way to get to know the ProVisions Insights is by DOING what is described.
Get to know your body; understand how it functions, and work on that basis.
When you do the same in your interactions with others, what you learned will work that too.
When those you work with do the same, your whole organisation will function as ONE organism.

That, will only work if all [[Individual]]s work using their own [[Freedom of Choice]].
Like you, they must always [[Respect]] the Freedom of Choice}} of all other beings.
Like you, they need to be Response-Able and be [[Reliable]] for optimal collaboration.
Only then will the organisation as a whole be fast and flexible, robust and reliable.
Realise that an 'Individual' being is NOT an in-dividual (un-divided) being.
You, as an in-dividual, originated from the fusion of Mother + Father.
Each of which originated from the fusion of their Mother + Father.
We all have  more ancestors  than there are people on Earth; we are all family.

Our body is a colony of cells; originating from your first cell, the Zygote.
Every Human is a Cell in the Body of Humanity (as shown above).
 You are at the same time (seemingly) ''APART, yet also A PART''.
The word "Intent" comes from the word "Intention".
There is a balance between "Intention" and "In Tension".
"Tension" refers to the capacity for "Creative Stress".
"Stress" is the same as "Tension", but lacking [[Purpose]].

ProVisions: "the Visions of Pros to get rid of your Cons".

ProVisions is a general consulting company.

You can ask it for insight; it will offer you visions on:
	What it is you are doing
	What underlying vision you are working with
	How that can be realised in its changing contexts and
	how it can be viewed from different perspectives.

ProVisions operates on an organic basis;
What is at hand will attract how it will be dealth with.
Sometimes we will solve the problem.
Sometimes we will show you how your problem is your own creation ...

ProVisions is composed of a group of interdisciplinary experts,
All of which are multidisciplinarians themselves.
all of which are at the top of their field.
All of them, as a result, are catalysts, able to convert problems into solutions.

If the required expertise, for the task at hand, is not available immediately within ProVisions,
	experts from elsewhere will be attracted, at a price, from elsewhere.
If the required expertise, for the task at hand, does not yet seem to exist,
	ProVisions will turn it into a learning target for you and itself.

Learning, exploration, is at the heart of ProVisions:
Operating with newness.

Ik you have a problem for which solutions exist; or standard routine chores,
	we will kindly direct you elsewhere, to companies interested in such chores.
If you have a problem for whoch you know no solution, then turn to us.
	Even if you are not aware what the problem is, or it one exists, we may be of help.

ProVisions is set up on the basis of Health.
Here too, in personal and company consulting: "Prevention is better than Cure".
"Two minds know more than one", and "One Hand Wasking The Other",
are daily tools of work. For others as well as for ProVisions itself.

ProVisions operates by a concept which it shares with its clients,
in the consultations, in coaching and trainings, and via our web site.
By sharing the skills for problem solving, you, companies, industries, governments,
can learn to think in new ways, operate by different perspectives, and see more solutions.

	And learn to prevent problems before they arise.

ProVisions certainly aims to make itself redundant:
By sharing the insights and views with you, you can operate in the same way,
and learn to operate with the concept of Visions, and prevent future problems,
and you yourself will become a source of solutions; and contagious health.

We will not suffer by that: others will come to us, and ask us for Visions,
They, like you, will (learn to) enjoy to operate by different perspectives.
New unknown problems will come to us, to inspire us,
for which the found solutions will become available on our Web Site

	The ProVisions Web Site offers 4 layers of Participation.

The first most general layer offers the general views, and some very basic solutions.
This includes the principles by which we work: we make them freely available to all (Because some basic problems on Earth need to ne healed fast!)

The second Layer is open to those who support our work, members of the site: they have acces to more existing suggestions and solutions; as well as each other.
In this way you can inspire yourself with this new (old) form of thinking, and help yourself to help yourself.

The third layer if open to those who asked for consultation: they have access to us, and the way we work.
They can see their own project (not that of others), see what we are doing with its, monitor the progress, interact while the question transforms into a solution.
Which then is available to them and (in abstracted form, reduced to its essences and principles, to the world via the 2nd layer of the website. 
Or, if it is an important and urgent problem-solution, to the world as a whole via a press report and layer 1 of the website.

The fourth layer is available only to us: creators of ProVisions.
It is foreseen that in future our group will grow to become large, the vast, and eventually will span the world.
At some time we foresee that problems will no longer be seen as personal or proprietary or private (they never are) and that all of the world will interact at this level of this web site.
And that ProVisions itself can disappears, remaining only a concept, a philosophy, a way of thinking. A concept of care for the world and each other.

That time is not yet here; but we are working toward it.
Now we have set up the concept, so you can see it and know of it.
Now we invite you to join in, and thereby support this.
Later you your self might want to join...

For now, we operate by the principle of that of teachers or doctors:
we ask payment for turning problems into solutions.
We operate the change, as do healers; and show you how it is done, as do teachers.
If we don't manage: "no cure-no-pay: you pay us only our time and expenses.

If we do manage, and that's what we do, you pay also by letting us share from your profit: the benefit our work has brought you.
And for the lesson (plus time and expenses) which we can offer, by which you can now leant to do this yourself.
For yourself, and for others. You may want to join ProVisions and help others learn to solve the problems you once had.
We operate by the principle:
	experience one
	see one
	do one
	teach one

It is a standard principle of Nursing, as used in the UK:
Learning is done by seeing how it is done, doing it yourself, then teaching it to others
We added to this the element of your own experience of the Problem-Solution.
By which it is possible to make health contagious. You can help others solve the problem that you once had yourself.

Sharing solution creates synergy: helping each other empowers symbiosis.
It helps to make you more understood, and thus more effective.
And it helps to make others more appreaciative, this more open.
Both lead to greater interactivity, returns, and joy. And thus (personal, and social) Health.

This summarises the aims of Provisions.

	We transform problems into solutions.
	We share our findings with others.
	We help others to learn these same skills.
	And ultimately aim to become redundant.

To browse our website, go here: http://home.wanadoo.nl/provisions/site-map.htm
To see our general fees and prices: http://home.wanadoo.nl/provisions/?????????
To see some of the solutions we found: htp://home.wanadoo.nl/provisions/entry
To consult us, contact us here: provisions@wanadoo.nl
Freedom of Choice is the essence of life; we choose between ideas.
Those ideas lead to decisions, about our ''(un)involvement''.
Our organs process those decisions, as the beliefs we (chose to) live by.
Our cells then put them in (Reflex) action, in (our body in) the world we live in.

The basis of "Involvement" is absolutely basis.
The dynamics of involvement are those of the Quantum (Phase) Change.
This, in the formation of the uniVerse, always operate IN the [[Interface]].
That means that phase change always goes through the 4 stages of Change.

These changes of state are defined by the characteristics of an Interface ([[System Boundary]]).
This involves the transition from a Closed System, to Opening, to Open, and back by Closing.
These are not movements across the boundary, but stages within the Boundary.
There, they are defined by their Logic]]: "Yes", "No", "Maybe" and "Don't Know".

Every Boundary is at the same time a Separator AND a Connector.
That means that separateness and separation are two aspects of the boundary.
Connectedness and connection are the other two aspects of the boundary.
This is most explicitly seen in the dynamics of a Vortex.

A Vortex has an in-flowing spiral, towards the Zero Point; as in a Magnetic "South Pole".
A Vortex also has an outflow, spiral, away from the Zero Point; as in a "North Pole".
In the Zero Point, North and South are both (separate yet) Connected.
Therein the complementary poles, are polarities of one process/dynamic; a "[[Singularity]]".

These fundamental principles (Interfacing = Vortex(ing) = Singularity) are the basis of creation.
In our body, cells operate by these principle - most explicitly in the dynamic of Cell Division.
Therein the Dynamic of the Singularity determines how Cells relate to each other.
The principles that operate within our body also operate between our body; in/as our ''Involvement''.

The dynamics of Interfacing ("involvement" between Cells is describe in the Science of Life.
The principles of processing of [[Freedom of Choice]] are part of that understanding.
[[Freedom of Choice]] is expressed via [[Free Will]], [[Free Expression]] and [[Free Association]].
[[Freedom of Choice]] requires [[Respect]], [[Response-Ability]] and [[Reliability]].

These underlying principle are the basis for our Freedom of Choice in Involvement.
Therein each participant in the Interaction can operate Freedom of Choice.
Remember, Freedom of Choice is based on the phase change in the interface.
therefore the Interfacing itself is determined between the interfaces of each of the participants.

One way to regard this is as if each participant is/has a "draw bridge".
No interfacing is possible if both bridges are withdrawn (closed).
No communication is possible of only on, or the other, bridge is open.
Communication/Interfacing is possible ONLY if BOTH gates are Open.

_ _

This effect of Opening and Closing the 'bridge/gate' is the basis of Development of Involvement.
Therein a transition is made from "Closed" via "Opening" to "Open".
This however occurs on both sides of the Interface; thus is always 'Double".
This is what is described in the traditional Chinese model of the "Yi Ching".

The stages of Opening the Interface are seen (and experienced) in [[Individual Development]].
These are categorised as the stages of transition from Baby to Child to Adolescent to Adult.
These are respective scopes of enlargement of the domain/terrain of Involvement.
These stages mut be operated/experienced for every communication/interaction.
Type the text for 'Knowing'
Type the text for 'Learning'
Life is based on [[Freedom of Choice]].
[[Freedom of Choice]] operating with/in matter produces "Life".
Matter without [[Freedom of Choice]] is always called "Dead".
[[Freedom of Choice]] is the Essence ([[Quintessence]]]) of Life.

Life already existed in, as, the charge-discharges in the "van Oort Gas Cloud".
Life exists in the interlinked charge-discharges in the (electric) Sun and stars.
Life exists in the lightning charge-discharges in the Primordial Earth gasses.
Those prodiced Amino Acids, linking electromagnetic change potential to matter.

Amino Acids are the basis of spores, fungi, virus and microbes.
Microbes learned to live in Earth, Water, Air and in Fire (Light).
Those microbes combines to form the "Eukaryote Cell".
The Eukaryote Cell is the basis of plant, animal and human life.

All life experience affects the basis of life in matter, amino acids.
Amino Acids stored life experience, 'learned', and lenthened.
Thus Amino Acids became Proteins, RNA and DNA.
DNA is produced by life (DNA does Not produce life).
'Living Beings' are ALL life forms that operate [[Freedom of Choice]].
Every atom is already able to change its electrical charge state.
These state changes always correspond with environment changes.
All molecules and materials created by living cells make us of this.

Living beings are based on the nature of state change of atoms.
Many molecules are able to change state, 'suiting their context'.
Somatids, fungi, virus and microbes use these properties.
Eukaryote cells combine the capacities of those basic life forms.

For some materials, the change of state is merely internal.
These materials are not unconscious; they merely cannot express it.
Rocks can store informations; crystals are forms of atoms in formation.
Information is the (meaningfull) change of that formation ("Matrix").

Life is a form of consciousness, using matter to optimise its own functioning.
Body materials serve the purpose of cell communicatio; for cell coordination.
Living Beings are colonies of cells, creating a 'body' to enhance their function(ing).
All life forms complement each other, in the way they chose to experience their participation in creation.
'Magic Carpets' are hypothetical constructs; ideas.
They are imagined possibilities; ideals.
They are thought-through as-if real.
Bit at all times it is clear that they are a Fiction.
[[How-to ...]]



In French, 'Meditation' allows for an interesting word game: "Je m'édite, tu t'édites, il s'édite, ...".
"Je m'édite", sounds the same as "je médite"; making 'meditation' and 'self-editing' the same.
This is indeed the whole purpose of the practice of meditation: to self-edit, and self-correct.
In essence this is a natural process (which operates in the sleep cycle), operated by intent.

In the Sleep Cycle we transit from 1) Environment to 2) Body, to 3) Organs to 4) Cell level.
These correspond to 4 different levels of consciousness, "Brain Waves": B, A, T and D.
They are called Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta Brain Waves; and operate a different logic.
Each level of involvement has its own logic and information processing characteristics.

In ''Meditation'', the body is (actively, intentionally) 'left to do self-repair'; as in the sleep cycle.
The difference is that in Meditation the process is observed ([[Contemplation]]) but not interrupted.
As a result it is possible to see how this process of 'self-repair' (re-creation) takes place.
With proper [[Understanding]] this can then be used as a basis of [[Creation]] - by/with intent.

The following Exercises help you learn and practice the process of Meditation (Self-Reflection).
The exercises start with observing and following, the interacting with, bodily functions (breathing).
They follow up by applying the experience, and the same approach, to the processes of observation (sensation).
Then this can also be applied to the processes of internal information processing (Realisation).


Now there is a very ambiguous statement: "//Mind Your Own Business//".

Is it a recommendation to set up your own shop; "your own enterprise"?
Or is it a recommendation of the inverse: "do not interfere with the business of others//"?

Often people mean the latter: "leave the competition alone, do not interfere".
But at the same time ... business is said to be all about 'honest' competition.

But, competition is never honest; it is always aimed at creating INequality.
Which leads us to the other interpretation: starting your own business.

When you start your own business, you always work ... for [[Money]].
But, that means you are working for the banks; now for yourself.

Be aware what you do when you set up your own business.
It may not at all be what it seems...

//The idea presented here is NOT about doing business.
Instead it is about what yoy think, and how you think.

Observe that what (above) was not discussed...
The key to understanding lies in the word "[[Mind]]".//
Working for money would make sense if you could actually come to own that money.
But as all printed/minted money shows: all money remains property of the bank.
That would make sense if you could become shareholder owner of the bank.
But the banks that create the money that you work for .. are privately owned.

//The aim of this exercise is again to think beyond what you are shown.
It is also an exercise to check on your own unchecked/blind beliefs//.
''NBA = No Bullshit Agreement''

All it takes is to agree with each other to communicate without emotions.
Emotions are essentially undigested experience, most often Reflex-based.
By leaving those out of all conversations, all communications improve.
(It may be helpful to also create agreements on tension/stress/'shit' 'discharge'.)

This topic may go against the sensibilities of some people.
They, think that words like 'shit' (and 'fuck') are unpalatable.
They (often) were taught 'not to take such words in the mouth'.
But, as a result, they forget/deny the importance of //shit// as //manure//.

Every infant needs to learn about shit, to be body-wise.
It takes a while for the neural myeline sheet to develop.
Only then can sphincter-control develop (for 'continence').
The same applies to all other orifices of the body.

In a sense, "the mouth is the anus of the brain".
Ideas, fertile ones and undigested ones, are orally expressed.
Just as people learn physical continence they can learn mental continence.
People learn to use a toilet, but not all learn mental (sphincter) control.

People learn to defecate in a toilet, instead of in a shared living space.
Some fail to learn to do the same for verbal mental and social hygiene.
They 'unthinkingly' excrete words like 'shit' (or fuck) into many conversations.
It has a similar effects, in the mind, as 'physically shitting' in a living space.

That is where a "No Bullshit Agreement" will come in handy.
//it is the social equivalent for using a toilet for defecation//.
It voluntarily stops people from 'defecating' in any conversation.
It improves the hygiene for every social interaction.

//Please now re-read the above proposition and explanation.
But now, in your mind, leave all the verbal "bullshit".
Feel for yourself how much it makes the communication cleaner.
And also how, free of emotions, it makes conversation clearer//.
Contemplate this image:

You stand, suitcase in hand, in an open doorway.

You, standing, represents the present; your presence in the present.

The suitcase is your past; all memories that cling to you or you hold on to.

The open doorway is the future, the decision to enter new realms.

The future is in the present; every step you take the doorway moves along.
The past is in the present; the suitcase you carry or suit or habit you wear.
The present is where you carry your suitcase along where you go, or not.
Ase you able to see that the doorway is the arch under which you can repack your suitcase?
Your experience on Earth is based on your experience in/of your own body.
The better you understand your body, the better you can live on Earth.
Our body developed (from one cell) by how (y)ancestors lived.
The interactions you do 'sculpt' future changes in (y)our own body.
There is a fundamental Life Lesson to be learned from 'Orgasm'.
The curve of the onset and collapse of Orgasm has the same shape of that of life.
''Respect “Others”''
//Others are You, seen from Outside.
Like you, Others look from Inside.
You and others see each other inside-out//.

Underlying every society is the ‘individual uniqueness’.
Some societies turn this into … the creation of conflict.
They tend to use it to turn people against each other.
And therein also turn against ALL other people; peoples.

Islam calls these ‘others’ ‘the infidels’.
Christianity calls them ‘the heathens’.
Jewism calls ‘all others’ ‘the goy’.
All regard those ‘others’ as (if) slaves.

This is the basis of ‘hierarchy’ in ‘our’ society.
Hierarchy only operates in a state of dependence.
In ‘our’ society, this dependence is operated by money.
Money functions ‘simultaneously’ as ‘carrot’ and ‘stick’.

This is ONLY possible when PEOPLE LIVE IN CAPTIVITY.
like animals in a cage, they cannot provide for what they need.
They cannot hunt/gather, but depend on what they are given.
A money-slave-society lives in dependence; as addicts/slaves.

It is necessary to understand this, for the following reason.
Dependence on money slavery is required for hierarchy to exist.
Hierarchy is required for ranking order to exist.
Ranking order is required for inequality to exist.

Realise that this exists only in slave societies.
These are societies which regard people as inequal.
Compare it to parents with regard to ‘a baby, and non-adults’.
Societies using dependency ‘don’t allow others to grow up’.

What we see is an (intentional) Denial of Freedom of Choice.
Freedom of Choice is the essence and given of Life.
Denial of Freedom of Choice is a crime against Life.
It is the most fundamental crime in life in creation.

Many cultures know this, and address this
They know they must respect Freedom of Choice.
The are aware that we all develop it in our art of living life by participation in creation.
And they know we all develop, individually and collectively, as creators-in-creation.

In these “Culture of Respect” (of Freedom of Choice) people are all sovereigns.
This will be separate described (as the Societies of Symbiosis of Sovereigns).
In such societies the unborn and newborn are respected as sovereigns.
An childhood development is the process of waxing in sovereign being.

ProVisions presents how this can be learned and operated in the workplace.
Therein hierarchy is replaced by (the optimising of) symbiosis and synergy.
Therein dependence on others is replaced by own response-ability.
Which can be summarised as: “transform Corporations into Cooperations”.

A Corporation is an unrighteous unlawful ‘legal’ ‘American construct.
Please read “The Corporation” by Joel Bakan e.a., or study the movie.
A Corporation is the juridical/’legal’ equivalent of a Slave Plantation.
The “Abolition of Slavery” makes ALL Corporations Illegal; a crime.

Keep that in mind while we address the “Personal Professional’.
We must in fact address 4 forms of inhumane dehumanisation.
It involves the human, individual, personal, professional, and person.
Please first read/study “the Lucifer Effect” by Philip Zimbardo.

A human is a unique living being, as ‘cell in the body’ of humanity.
An individual is a human as member of any specific social group.
A professional is a financial responsible working group member.
A person is a social group subjet (to) being treated as an object.

Indeed, a Person is a human regarded as a slave by a corporate state.
A Professional is a human working with=in=for a money banking cartel.
An Individual is any human in interdependence with other humans; individuals”.
A human is a social individual with responsie-able respect in/for Freedom of Choice.

These are different words describing the different stages of social integration/development.
They parallel the development from baby to child to adolescent to adult.
This involves the extension of self as Human in Relationship in Groups in Humanity.
It requires Freedom of Choice + Respect + Response-Ability + Reliability.
The Principe of ProVisions is that we work better, together.
And that we can complement each other, as do our organs.
All interactions between people, are based on cell interactions.
The better you understand your body, the more you can do together.
ProVisions does NOT make use of 'Payment'.
Bank Money is indeed ... 'the root of all evil'.
__The ONLY 'currency' that you have is "ToL"__.
Your ''T''ime ''o''f ''L''ife; your Time Budget on Earth.

All services, lessons, training of ProVisions is Gratis.
You find all of it here (occasionally updated for you).
In reading this text it is already on your computer.
So even the course material is completely gratis.

Yes, if you insist, you can also request meetings.
In that case you pay as much as you earn, tax-free.
'As much as you value yourself, you must value others'.
All money paid to ProVisions goes to Foundation SIG.
Perspectives are ways that you regard yourself and (thus) your environment.
Your ability to adapt lies within your ability to know yourself.
Not yourself as you know yourself, but your unknown self: how you Could be.
That is why these pages also address [[Perspectives]].

You will find ''methods for self diagnosis''.
You will find ''exercises and techniques to change your mind''.
You will ''learn how reality is a Conviction'' based on a Decision made by Free Choice.
You will ''learn to live your life by Freedom of Choice'', the essence of Life.

It always starts with your ability to Choose to Choose (Renout’s Law: “Il Faut Forces les Choix”).
You must be able to make decisions, but also to undo decisions you have made.
You must learn that convictions are not true.
And you //must// realise that __reality is merely a realisation__.
Every Organisation is Composed of Individual People, with Freedom of Choice.
The different types of organisation are based on different relationships between people.
We experience the same in growing up into adulthood: in learning to relate to/with others.
Therein, the communication between people is always based on communication between cells.

| Baby | Child | Adolescent | Adult |
| Dictatorship | Oligarchy | Democracy | Autarchy |
| Dependent | Self-standing | Autonomous | Sovereign |
| Terrorist | Apathy | Co-creative | Respons-able |

//To be continued...//
Much harm is done to the planet and to people by inverting values.
Many people operate a business in pursuit of profit ('money').
Corporations even, by law, have one sole purpose: 'make profit'.
If 'money' is the aim op operating an organisation; //harm will result//.

The remedy is simple: put the values in their proper order.
First, there was the Planet; then there were People.
People are able to invent and produce, for the benefit of all.
When all benefit; all profit - including the Planet as a whole.

The recipe is simple: 'Planet => People => Product => Profit'
Many corporations 'got their 4P priorities backwards'.

''P''lanet Earth must come first and foremost in all we produce on this planet.
Because, without the products of Earth, there is nothing we can produce.
We are visitors on this planet, and must care for this planet.
In wantonly destroying the plane, many corporations destroy their foundation.

''P''eople come second; without humans there is no corporation
Without humans, there is production process, thus no products.
Humans are no cattle, no animals, no 'resource'.
As mentioned above: even resources must be cherished, not squandered.

Products are third on the list: especially their grand quality and endurance.
The quantity of products produced can be minimal if the quality is maximal.
Everybody is served better, more and longer by  products that are really good.
Products and Productivity go together: its quality too must be enhancing.

Profit is the last on the list; it benefits only the taxman and the bankers.
What people really profit from is a quality life, with quality people.
What really benefits people, is to be appreciated in being productive.
What people really need, is to be able to live well, happy and prosper.

//Evidently, the above is merely 'opinion'.
Yet 'opinions all too often do matter'.
Opinions present a perspective.
And for 3D Vision, persoective is needed//.
There are [[4 Universal Laws]] which determine our life on Earth.
Our [[lifespan]] is limited, and has but one [[Purpose]].
We learn to live as [[Creators in Creation]] (noun/verb).
We learn to operate [[Freedom of Choice]].

Once we are [[born]] on [[Earth]], the Planet is our [[Womb]].
Our body is our [[Placenta]] - lifeline to the planet/cosmos.
Unon [[Death]], the 'soul is born out of the body ("you").
That means that you have a body, you are not your body.

By the [[4 Universal Laws]] we all form part of this Planet.
[[All life forms]], also, are all part of this Planet, the "[[Earth]]".
All like forms fead each other ther DNA, [[Life Experience]].
All humans together form one organism, "[[Humanity]]".

[["Every Human is a Cell in the Body of Humanity"]].
Only together, as [[Humanity]], can humans care for the Earth.
Individually you can make life on Earth "[[Hell]]", for yourself and others.
Only together, as [[Humanity]] can humans create [[Paradise]] on [[Earth]].

The [[Planet]] is the starting point, basis and foundation of all we do.
The [[People]], humanity, are best able to create [[Paradise]] on [[Earth]].
The [[Product]] of what we do, is how we affect (enhance) life on [[Earth]].
The [[Profit]] is what you will have become, out of what you create(d) on Earth.

When you die, you take none of the materials/good of Earth along.
Earth, in this uniVerse, is merely the 'video-game' in which we learn.
We all learn to use [[Freedom of Choice]], to operate as [[Creators in Creation]].
What you take along when you leave this life, is your [[Experience]], only.
it is work to get it.
it is work to keep it.

This section lists a numbers of ProVisions Presentations & Workshops.
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//To be continued....//
//The Principles addressed in this web site//:
1) __freedom of choice__: learning from cell biology
2) __cell communication__: how it works between people
3) __organ organisation__: why organisations are ‘stupid’
4) __understanding health__: applying it to organisations
These pages deal with how to work well, together.

First of all, realise that you are a human in humanity.
You were born, together, directly, with your mother.
You will die, alone; unless people care about you.
Only if they care about you, will they care for you.

(Realise we are talking about free people; not about money slaves.)

Thus, these pages deal with how to work well, together.

__Every human is a cell in the body of humanity__.
We work well, together, when we work organically.
These pages show how our body does this.
That illustrates how you can do it.
'Pro' is an abbreviation for a ''[[Professiona]]l.
The terms also means ''[[Benefit]]' ('[[Profit]]').
''"Pro Bono"'' is the term that describes that something is done for free; gratis.
Actually, it is not about the (lack) of money; but ''it is about Helping Others''.
The Latin word "Bonum" refers to all that is good for anybody, everybody.
It is about the selfless interest, to help people resolve their selfish interests.

"Pro Bono" is a term used by lawyers when they provide consultation free of change; gratis.
ProVisions consults are free of charge, gratis - but they are not 'legal advise' as given by lawyers.
instead, ProVisions addresses Cosmic, Natural, Relationals a Structurel [[Universal Laws]].
These laws operate in your body, and the world around us - and you can learn to work with them.
''"Pro Deo"'' is the term that describes that something is done for free; gratis.
Actually, it is not about the (lack) of money; but ''it is about Doing Good''.
As you may know, the word "good' is very similar to the word "god'.
Pro Deo, actually, literally, means "for god"; i.e. "for the common good".

"Pro Deo" is a 'religious' term used by people when they provide consultation free of change; gratis.
ProVisions consults are free of charge, gratis - but they are not 'religious advice' and unrelated to 'god'.
"God', in a more practical sense, is the collective consciousness/knowledge of all of humanity..
ProVisions helps you understand how this operates in your body, and the world around us - and how you can learn to work with this.
''Get the Visions of [[Pro]]'s,
to get rid of Your [[Con]]'s...''

Have [[Vision]] for what you do.
Look ahead, for better Vision.

//Tap the TAG to read more...//
Holy people are very aware of their shortcomings.
They do not hide that, but take it as a given.
We all have our blind spots, which we do not see.
Yet other people can see them, can point them out, and help resolve them.

Unholy people often pretend they have no flaws.
As a result they have to make-believe and deceive.
They tend to get upset when others point out their errors.

The Alpha Male is a primitive me-first mentality in many animal species.
The Alpha male prevents others from eating - me-first is the motto of the Alpha.
As a result all others are less (well) fed, and maybe malnourished or undernourished.
They are weakened, weaker than the Alpha Male who starts his domination at meal time.

The rest of the ranking hierarchy in the animal group is the result.
The better fed alpha male has better chances at fighting/dominating others.
The better fed Alpha male has better chances to select and mate weakened females.
In essence the rank of the Alpha is based on brute force in (not) sharing food.

The selfish me-first approach of the Alpha Male pack has its drawbacks.
It is based on suppression by dominance; self-empowerment by weakening others.
This is seen, in many forms, in the humanimal societies, where people prey on people.
In civilised society people learn to start and finish at the same time; while the first serving is equally shared.

This is the simple remedy against primitive selfish animal behaviour in humans.
Share what we have, eat together, and synchronise beginning and ending with each other.
This is how a healthy body is formed: cells synchronising what they do with each other.
Cells also freely share all they produce; they can 'take' only what is freely given.

The 'hierarchy' in many animal species is an extension of the hierarchy in plants.
In plants, the hierarchy is an extension of cell growth, in a decision tree fractal.
The fractal is an optimal computation of connecting the core to the context.
The fractal decision process is based on the charge-discharge in lightning.

For the deepest understanding of 'integration in context', lightning is our teacher.
This requires an understanding of electromagnetic field dynamics (without matter).
Such insight is provided in the theory of Tetryonics

Hierarchy is a very limiting, limited, inefficient and unintelligent social system.
Hierarchy operates by the system of a decision tree, a.k.a. a "fractal".
Hierarchy is seen in nature in the form of the plants and the trees.
In our body hierarchy is seen in the form of the vegetative system.

Prior to the plants, in biology, we see the cellular system, the 1st Order System.
The 2nd Order System is the fractal/linear vegetative system.
The 3rd Order System is that of the Animal. Organic Circulation.
The 4th Order System is that of conscious information Integration.

Point-like spores (somatids) are example of sub-microbial 1st Order Systems.
Line-like/forked fungi are examples of subcellular 2nd Order Systems.
Ring like forms in virus are examples of 3rd Order Subcellular systems.
Microbes are example of the 4th Order subcellular system.

The superstition of money operates by the social system of "Hierarchy".
Hierarchy is based on the dependency relationship between child and adult.
In some families, some societies and some cultures thus is applied to interaction between adults.
It is an inefficient system for social organisation, because it lacks intelligence.

In a hierarchy, everybody can be a bottleneck' for the whole system.
As in single file traffic, you cannot get ahead of the vehicle ahead unless it leaves the road.
If you start to work in a corporation, chances are that you are more clever than the one you work for.
In many cases a less clever boss will feel threatened, and try to oust you out if the system.

A hierarchy is example of a 2nd order system, operating in/by/as a fractal.
In biology it is seen in the vegetative system, with the form of a fractal.

Biology as we know it starts with the cell
The vegetative system extends that to a fractal.
The next level of development in biology was organic.
In biology, hierarchy is the
Corporate hierarchies are represented by Organigrams.
These are schematic diagrams showing who is who’s boss.
They do not show which people actually work well together.
Nor do they show who calls whom in emergencies, 'to get things done'.

If you work in a hierarchy you might prefer to create extra "organigrams".
One, the "Reliogram", showing the people you confidently work with.
Another, the "Trustogram", with the people you call in emergencies.
You might also want to create the "Connectogram", erasing all people do/can/will Not work with.

The contactgram may be very d7fferent for all people in the corporation.
The reliogram may be similar for different people, and can have overlaps.
The trustogram might turn out to be quite the same for many people.
A business is an undertaking.
Undertakings are done by Undertakers.
An Undertaker is someone who puts people down.
Just as animals are 'put down'; usually for financial reasons.

This makes an Undertaker a Business(Wo)man.
Who is in the business of 'Making' money.
Which is in fact always about Taking money.
This makes every Business(wo)man a prostitute.

A prostitute is any'body asking money for what naturally comes free.
Sex, companionship, friendliness, helping others; only for money.
People who 'work for money' can never be trusted in what tbey do.
Without the 'reward' of money they would presumably act differently.

A prostitute is also called a "pro", or "professional".
"Professionals" do what they do for money, not for pleasure.
Working for money is scorned for sex-work-professionals.
Other professionals are to be scorned as much; 'raping' for money.

Sexual intercourse is a natural aspect of social intercourse of humans.
Sexual intercourse is the physical aspect of spiritual intercourse in humanity.
Priests profess a professional disdain for 'prostitution'.
But priests created the superstition of money, and church of banking.

Prostitution was, is, created by the priests of the belief in money; 'bankers'.
These priests ('bankers') created the belief in religion, politics, power, taxation.
Thereby they could, can, consistently 'rape' and 'milk' all other humans.
Not the prostitutes, but these ('bankers') priest must be scorned.

Bankers took away all free access to the Earth; thus to free food,
In society we have mass intelligence AND mob stupidity.
Groups know more than they know, together.
Mobs are always more stupid and irresponsible.
The following looks into mass consciousness.

Organisations, such as corporations, are organisms - just as humans.
As organisms, organisations have consciousness - of various degrees.
The lack/loss of consciousness is best seen in the types of communication.
Discussed are: command, control, communication and coordination.

Command is the lowest level of (in)organic communication.
Control is the next level of (organic) communication.
Communication is the first level of social organisation.
Coordination is the first interactive level of organic being.

The conscious communication/coordination operates at four levels.
We all operate as cellular, vegetative, animal and human beings.
We all exist as objects, processes in transformation, by integration.
We are all cells in organs in our body in humanity.

Command merely operates at the level of slavery, relating to objects.
Control merely deals with the process/processing levels of our being.
Communication addresses the human interactions, in transformation.
Coordination is the only level of being in which all beings are equal.

Evidently all beings are different and individually unique.
Evidently we all also exist by the same principles, and with the same potentials.
We all interact with our environment in a different manner: involvement matters.
However we are also, all, part of a larger entity: the being of humanity.

This means that we are all, simultaneously, a part AND apart.
In our cells we see how these 'opposites' are linked in a cycle.
In mathematics this is called a Singularity; a point turning inside-out on itself.
In physics thus is seen in the dynamic of a vortex, linking 3D, 2D, 1D and 0D.

This is seen in the dynamic of removing the plug of a filled bath tub.
The 3D volume flows from the 2D surface via a 1D streamline through the 0D sink.
It is this dynamic which links every part of the uniVerse to the whole.
It is also the essential operator in our use of Freedom of Choice.

Freedom of Choice is our ability to decide to be a part or apart.
Freedom of Choice demands respect: all living beings operate freedom of choice.
Freedom of Choice requires Response-Ability, to deal with the sequence of consequences of any made choice.
Freedom of Choice requires Reliability, if you/others want to be able to build up on earlier made choices.
Your body organs digest food, but also information.
Your brain is ... an extension of your body organs.
In the embryo, the brain and heart changed places.
As a result the brain is closely connected to the sensory organs in the head.

Yet, functionally, the brain still works in, and as, the centre of the organs.
That means that what happens in the brain can affect the organs, and vice versa.
It also means that what you think can affect your body ("Psychosomatics").
And it means that work-stress can affect the health in, and of, your body.

The brain and the gut (organs) are thereby also related.
In the gut, we deal with the world (food) travelling through our body.
In the brain, we deal with our body travelling through the world (information).
These are complementary processes, and must not be confused.

Yet confusion is in a way unavoidable: our organs digest food AND information.
For our body food IS information: molecules are electromagnetic (information) spectra.
Cell communication uses molecules as carriers for information; at four levels.
As physical molecules, chemical reactivity, electromagnetic signature and as radio wave antenna.

The molecular circulation of molecules between organs cells forms our physiology.
The information communication between organ cells forms our psychology.
In the molecules, and in the organ cells, information communication IS (as if) food.
In fact, there are people who do not eat, showing that information IS (in fact) food.

Now that you know that information is food, it means you must discriminate.
Avoid fast food restaurants, because they feed your body/mind 'haste'.
Avoid TV shows and commercials, because they feed 'empty' information.
Instead separate, in your mind, 'work' and 'experience'; also in your body.

This separation between the world and the body is called "Hygiene".
You wash your hands before you eat and after using the toilet.
We do not use waste water for washing our body or drinking.
Likewise do not feed your body the experience(s) of your work.

As the Sufi's say: "we are in the world but not of it".
You must be able to work in the work space, without it working in you.
Work is something we do; and experience we play with and learn from.
Food is something we take in; we integrated and become (one with) it.

As our sleep cycle, digestion and sex shows: we have 4 levels of discernment.
The physical, the chemical, the electromagnetic and the information.
The biting/stroking, the digestion/sensation, the enzymes/activation, and assimilation/integration.
In the sleep cycle, it is the shift from Environment to Body to Organ to Cell awareness.

The same is the case for work experience; the environment that we act in in the world.
We used to travel the world to be immersed in sensations of natural beauty.
We then chose to live in the for us most suitable beautiful environment.
Then we created homes and gardens and tools to live in in that place.

Nowadays the homes became cities, factories and work places.
For many people the work place is the hamster wheel where they live.
They sleep, eat, run around in the wheel, wash, and sleep.
Because most people feed off money off work to pay taxes and retire.

The work space is something that people created.
The money society is something that people created.
In that sense, our social clothing became a restrictive armour.
The harnessed money society is a social medieval experience.

But like all social cultural developments, it is but a transitory stage.
At some time (soon) people will realise that money has become a prison.
People already are aware that money is not food (nor good).
Soon people will know that it matters what they work; and how they live.

Because we do not live to feed our body; and money is not food.
We do not live to feed our mind; and work is not always learning.
We do live to develop our soul; our capacity for freedom of choice.
Because we live because we are spirit: we are all creators in creation.

That is why you 'cannot let your work get to you'.
You do the work, but you are not the work(space).
Work is an extension/expression of you; you are NOT an extension of the work.
You are as replaceable in the job, as the job is replaceable for you.

Just be aware that a job is something that you do; not what you become.
You do the job because it helps you discover more of what you are and can be.
If a job no longer helps you discover more of you, it is labour.
Labour is a sign that it is well time to give birth to a new environment/you ...
Many humans suffer from ... humans.
Humans gang up on fellow humans.
cultures are destroyed by barbarism.
What creates the power of the people?

Gestapo, Stasi, KGB, and Google.
All spy on every other human.
All claim they 'serve the greater good'.
All therein refer to their own well-being.

All groups are and Victor and Victim.
in the USA, all and speak are as categorical as the Nazi as and Gestapo.

Memories are Information of Events (in the past) stored in Memory.
Memory is the archive of running transcripts of experiences in the brain.
The body is the storage medium (compare it to a DVD or Computer).
The memories are the records of recorded information (in formation).

Memories are not real: they are immaterial.
Memories are not true; they are only data.
Memories are merely recordings: records.
Memories can, and must, be edited, when needed.

Memorisation is a survival tool/technique.
In life-crises, body and soul can momentarily disconnect.
The experience of the crisis is recorded; in the body.
That makes it possible to learn from the event, after the event.

We all have memories of 'things that went wrong'.
In fact, unforeseen natural things always happen.
In these events we do not know how to respond, by reflex.
Which is logical: unknown events require new responses.

Memories are a means to reflect back on reflex action.
We can replay the event, and change the outcome.
Evidently, because the event in memory is merely data.
It is not real, and is not to be mistaken for real; ever.

Take any unhappy memory of your past; 'recall it'.
'Put it on the work bench and examine it'.
Draw it out, write about it, talk about it.
Do all of this, by yourself, until you get bored.

At first, it will be like a full replay of the event.
It activates the moment that the data was recorded.
It contains the full information of the event:
1) what happened, 2) how you responded, 3) the effect on the world, 4) the effect on your body.

The 4th element is why memories can make you sick; 'ageing'.
The 3rd element is why we have, and must edit, memories.
Because we all learn to operate as "creators in creation".
We all (must) learn to be response-able in/for ALL we do.

That is why we must be able to repair dysfunctional memories.
These are memories that impair our functioning; 'bad memories'.
"Bad memories" are dysfunctional programs of reflex behaviour.
They must be replaces by functional reflexes: "good memories".

You can do this all by yourself.
Replay the memory: draw it out, write it out.
The rewrite the memory, edit it, rescript it.
Do this as often as needed to get a Happy Ending.

It does not change what happened.
It changes how you deal with it.
It does not change the past.
It changes your response in the future.

Without memory editing you will (unconsciously) relive the last, in the present.
The emotions in 'bad memories' in the past may even blind you for the present.
So, replay the past, live through it again, and again, until healing takes place.
It is a 'digestive process', nourishing you and eliminating what is not needed.

Memory editing was made secret by calling it sacred.
Mystery schools taught memory editing as entry level.
It was called 'evoking the Demons' ("bad memories").
As means to 'address the Angels' (good memories)'.

Evidently, if you can edit your past, you eliminate fears.
In eliminating past fears, you take control of your life.
Slave masters prey on people, and want them to be weak.
Therefore, you did not learn about memory editing in school.

The technique is simple and the result is healing.
Call forth the unpleasant memories of your past.
Edit the memories and give them a happy ending.
Thereby you get rid of your obstacles for your future.

You are a creator in creation; we all are; always are
We are in the ongoing process of learning how to create.
That means that we learn to creatively use freedom of choice.
For starters, to turn daemons into angels, by healing your past.
Many nations have gory national politics.
Politics, aimed at suppressing people.
By using command-&-control strategies.
Instead of communicate-&-cooperate.

Government schools promote the notion of lawful administration.
Laws therein are written records of past judgment, by people.
They are the equivalent of a belief in book based religion.
And as 'scientific objects (and facts), are linguistic objects.

There is an immense difference between "Present" and "Past".
"Presence" requires conscious choice and individual involvement,
"Past" is an unconscious reflex memory record decision.
Past is out of everybody's reach, in the Present.

Paper (Papyrus) was invented long ago to aid memorisation.
Memory records are unreliable, and depend on emotional context.
Written records are just as unreliable, and just as context dependent.
As is the case for religious books, scientific facts, journalistic print and personal diary records.

Writings refer to an event, but are Not the event.
'Scientifics facts' are not truths, but recorded findings.
'Holy books' are not true, but written social statements.
'Written laws' are not real, but archived social opinions.

Writing plays an important role in book-based societies.
Many people are judged, and condemned, by the Past.
This is done in order to seek general social stability.
But is at the expense of individual conscious choices.

Written Records, in society, are the equivalent of individual reflex behaviour.
It makes the society (group of people) irresponsible and unconscious.
In humans, such reflex based behaviour is considered to be a disease.
Health always requires the ability to make individual conscious choices.

Societies come in many forms: ethical, social, political, financial...
Whatever values the society uses as 'norm', it uses 'membership rules'.
As rules are generalisations of individual decisions, they need general communication.
Written record is historically/traditionally used in many societies for that purpose.

That it is practical, tradition, custom, does not mean it is accurate, useful or sane.
There are (too) many examples that, and where, 'written tradition law' is very wrong.
It is as problematic, and unhealthy, as people operating by unconscious reflex.
As in people, the healthy approach is to consciously make use of record/reflex.

This means that NO law/rule/reflex/memory is real.
It has information about a specific situation in the past.
 It has no reality, no factuality; it is only a record(ing).
As a decision-about-a-decision, it is itself not an (f)actual decision.

Legal/administrative/business/financial decisions are derived; 'derivatives'.
In physics, coordination, acceleration, velocity and positions are "derived".
In our mind, consciousness, subconscious, unconscious and out-of-conscious are 'derived'.
In our body, humanity, body, organs and cells are likewise 'derived'.

In religions, nations, corporations and families explicit/implicit patterns/rules determine 'roles'.
The roles that people play determine their (social) interaction (unconscious/group behaviour).
As a result people develop "personalities" (social interaction behaviour protocols).
"Written Laws" are based on such social relation behaviour patterns; not the other way around.

People form relationships forming groups forming humanity.
People form decisions forming opinions forming reflexes.
As a result, personalities are formed, and groups are formed.
How different that can be you can see at personal social meetings.

People attend/compose birth/wedding/disease/death event meetings.
People relate/associate/identify/defend (with) groups that they form/join 
People do (not) always have a choice in the groups they form (part of).
Such as families, nations, work teams and belief systems.

Funerals show how that can lead to very different personalities in people.
At a funeral ((very) many) people can attend; demonstrating a form of 'bond'.
Each of the people present somehow felt related to 'the diseased'.
Regardless of ever having actually met them, they feel 'related'.

Yet, at such social events, not all people are able to relate to each other.
Some people at a funeral/wedding may even be in direct conflict.
Yet the 'diseased'/'deceased'/'spouse' was able to relate to them.
Because in each relationship we use a different personality/part.

In that way we all have multiple personalities; that is normal.
Likewise, we are all "schizophrenic", and think very differently.
It becomes a 'disease' only if/when individuality integrity integration is lost.
Such as when an individual is asked to operate 2+ different personalities at the same time.

A "personality" is a pattern of comportment/conduct/behaviour/reflexes.
A "personality", as any reflex construct, is context-created and -dependent.
Often different "personalities" are created to be able to interact with different people.
They are the social/relational equivalent of 'muscles'/'bones' in our body.

Personality-parts respond to the push/pull of projections/expectations of others.
Normally, naturally, all people will develop into autonomous independent sovereign beings.
Therein they develop from baby to child to adolescent to adult; individually/collectively.
But in many families/nations/cooperations/religions that development is thwarted.

Many parents deny freedom of choice to their offspring, turning families into mobs.
Many cooperations are based on different forms of (mutual) abuse; 'hierarchies'.
Many nations are forms of (in)dependence: dictatorship/oligarchy/democracy/autarchy.
Many religions are forms of deception ('god' as slave master/ruler/humanity/self).

The result is that many people develop incomplete/partial relationships/personalities.
The explicit/implicit demands/impositions of projections/expectations of family/others affect them.
In many cases affection can thereby turn into an affliction (by sadomasochist Stockholm Syndrome).
With the result that in some interactions/relationships people will progress/regress.

In churches/religions people often (inter)act in full gullible innocence/ignorance, like babies.
Often people meeting up in families regress to infant(ile) communication; 'like children'.
In work environment many people relate via puberal territorial manners, 'as adolescents'.
In some nations people can (not) live as sovereign autonomous independent adults with integrity.

People therein/thereby affect/afflict each other.
In a 'family visit' one spouse can see the other go in total regression/progression.
'Colleagues from work', 'invited at home', discover 'a totally different person'.
A 'change of leadership' of a family/company/nation/religion 'changes the character of the group'.

Many people ignore the reflexes/beliefs/decisions/choices by which they interact.
As a result they do not see, and ignore, the reflexes that determine their relationship/interaction.
They do not realise/understand/discern/respect the use of personality (differences) in society.
And thus fail to recognise/respect when someone they know (including themselves) 'undergoes personality changes'.

In a family visit, one spouse must deal with an evoked personality shift of another.
When a 'work boss' is replaced by another, a different personality/conduct is required.
When 'elections' change 'government' different personality/conduct is required/demanded.
When people 'change religion', different personality belief is demanded/expressed.

Personality is the 'muscle' in the 'skeleton' of our "Bones of Belief".
Society is the body of individuals operating by shared reflex behaviour.
The more reflex determines behaviour, the more 'retarded' the society functions.
The more choices determine relationships, the more conscious a society can be.

People affect/afflict people by their personality behaviour.
If their personality operates unconsciously, by reflex, it will be an affliction.
If their personality operates by conscious choice, it can be affection.
It is up to you to choose how you create/develop your personality/ego.

Your "personality" is an instrument for relating to others.
Your "ego" is the instrument by which you relate to your personalities, thus to others.
Your "ego" is 'the skin of your soul', composed of 'dead reflexes' (cf. Skin cells).
Your "personalities" are the 'muscles' of your mind.

Some people do not know/understand what mind is, (n)or how it 'works'.
Some people do not discern between (choice) Feelings and (reflex) Emotions.
Some people do not regulate their emotional ('oral/anal') sphincters.
The result is that by their 'emotional incontinence' they 'shit/piss on' others.

We all learn to regulate our bodily sphincters, more or less; 'somewhat'.
We likewise can learn to regulate our mental sphincters, and personalities.
We all can strive to learn to regulate our soul sphincters (of life realisation).
Ultimately, the goal of life is to learn to regulate our spirit sphincters, as creators in creation.

In social intercourse, just as in sex, relational personality hygiene is required.
In interaction/intercourse with family/work/politics/religion you use different personalities.
The same is the case for all people you know and interact with.
If you cannot interact with the personality of someone you know, in a different setting, then learn from them and adopt/adapt a different personality; or let them venture there on their own.

Social groups tend to use 'examinations' and/or 'initiations' to regulate who can join that group.
Groups are collections of individuals; just as bodies have cells.
Groups too have reflexes/ignorance and require personalities/hygiene.
Groups, like individuals/contexts, require/demand specific Personality/Conduct from you to interact with them.

Families often are not aware how they demand/form personalities/character characteristics; for social support.
Companies are often more aware that they demand specific personalities/conduct for financial support.
Nations are implicitly aware that they require/impose specific conduct/personality 'to_be/as member of that nation'.
Religions explicitly impose and demand very specific conduct, character and personality shaping, via the many specific social rituals by which the desired conduct is presented in a generalised format, as 'pleasing/placating god'.

Yet all are mere(ly) means by which people affect/afflict people.
Families/companies/nations/religions use groups to manipulate/change individuals.
But groups operate by unconscious reflexes, which makes them irresponsible.
The only responsible way to change your own personalities, us to do it yourself.

Organisations are //Organisms// … (composed of Living beings).
We CANNOT apply the laws of Classical Science to Organisations.
We CANNOT even apply Classical Science to … Health Care, or Life.
Living Beings have ''[[Freedom of Choice]]''; and can choose ... to choose.

[[ProVisions Consulting]] explains how to apply this in your organisation.
Here, you can learn the art and skills of the Healer, and apply this.
You will come to understand the principles and process of Synergy.
Realise that Command/Control fails; Communication/Co-ordination prevails.

Every human is a cell in the body of humanity.
When everybody in your corporation is ‘owner’, your organisation is healthy.
People ‘working for money’ make your enterprise irresponsible/stupid.
How can people (come to (learn to)) love to work in or with your enterprise?…

''__Welcome to this web site.__
Learn the principles of healing.
Learn the concept of consciousness.
Realise the value of (Self) Realisation…''
Please first read the available literature on this topic.
In addressing the 'psychopath' we deal with errors within yourself.
Also we are not just dealing with pathology in the individual, but also in society.
This is where we must always realise that society is created, by us.

Many professionals are psychopaths.
Many enterprises are driven and destroyed by psychopaths.
Corporations as such are in essence psychopathic creations.
Psychopaths are remorseless destructive people, without empathy.

Corporations are, legally, 'slave plantations' (see: "The Corporation").
They by law have one purpose only - 'make money for the shareholders'.
Shareholders are people who invest when they can pillage, but disinvest when help is needed.
This makes investors professional self-interested money-profit driven destroyers.

Money is by definition, and by law, a psychopath's dream.
That makes it the natural nightmare for sane and sound people.
Because money is a 'quantity without any quality'.
Money is a legal construct, hiding its parasitic purpose.

Money, Corporations, Psychopaths and Madness are interrelated.
In each case, what you see is not what really happens.
Also, what is presented as 'good for you', is meant to be bad for you.
All of them operate by a lie; by the principle of deception.

The Psychopath is related to the Hunter.
A hunter is someone who regards another life form as 'food'.
As a result they have no scruples about 'killing' (= murder).
They do not experience reciprocity - 'that it might happen to them'.

What we are dealing with is what physicists call "Symmetry (Break)".
In Symmetry, there is a reflectivity across a system boundary.
In Symmetry Break, the system boundary operates biased/one-sided.
Our life 'hinges' on the transition between Symmetry and Symmetry Break.

Symmetry leads to the mathematical concept of "Concatenation".
Photon Fields are examples of such a formation of 'chains'.
Symmetry Break leads to the mathematics of "Nesting" (or "Embedding").
Our body formation of layers within layers is example of/for this.

Psychopaths are people who see only one side of what happens: their side.
Like babies, they have no notion of response-ability in/of/for their actions.
Like children, they lack a notion of reliability in/of/for (the consequences) of their 
It is as if they never entered into puberty - learning that there always is another side of the story.

Our society as a whole stayed stuck in puberty.
The violence and sex on television is an indication of this.
Most societies politically operate ate a puberal kevel (called 'democracy').
They do not yet manage to get beyond, to (adult) autarchy, of sovereign beings.

In a society, political/economic system, stuck in puberty, the psychopath is 'king'.
In a way the psychopath exemplifies all the failings of the society, in the individual.
That is also why a Psychopath 'can get away with his/her many misdeeds'.
The society as a whole senses that 'it is wrong' but cannot resolve it.

The psychopath, and the society, fails to see how humans form humanity.
The psychopath in essence exemplifies the (false) capitalist’s dream.
This is the illusion that the individuals can/may enrich themselves at the expense of the many.
This denies the consequence: that this is example of a parasitical, 'autoimmune', disease.

The Psychopath is the mental moral equivalent of the 'school bully'.
Invariably this is the behaviour of the addict; "hurt people hurt people".
As they are insensitive to the other s7de if the story, they are not open to other people's views.
They are always very alert to what the others present (and will mirror it strongly) but for selfish reasons only.

The empathy with the other is as the skin colour change of the chameleon.
The change of appearance is not a change if the creature.
It is simply a technique for (seeming) adaptation/assimilation.
Only to become less visible to better encroach on their prey.

This is the paradox.
The psychopath uses (seemingly) mirroring/symmetry to mesmerise the pray.
But then can immediately 'move in for the kill', and destroy the prey.
Regardless of it being an individual or a corporation.

It has taken a long time for people to understand the disease.
The psychopath 'seemed' to be the capitalist 'ideal person'.
(Seemingly) 'successful, the psychopath 'proved' that the individual 'can win'.
Because, like the psychopath, society ignored that this came at the expense of all others.

The psychopathy is a pathology because (s)he 'takes' it out on the wrong person.
This is the other paradox: they project on others what ails in themselves.
This is the same 'error' seen in the concept of "Jihad".
It is the 'war' against your own evils; not against people around you.
In our lives we navigate between Trust and Control (a.k.a. Love versus Hate).
The metaphor of a sailing boat hels understand how we do that navigation.
Strange as it may seem, relationships are not ships; they are NOT things.
Relationships are processes, resulting from interaction.
Certainly, relationships may be damaged and even 'sink'.
But relationships are the result of gardening: organic.


You have a choice: is it streess' or stimulus.
As stress, whatever you do become twice as heavy.
As stimulus, whateever you do has half the weight.
Plus, prom stimulus to stress is TWO gear shifts.
From the table you can see that group = unconscious = belief = organ (Olympic gods).
This, on the one hand, explains the origin/nature of many world religions.
On the other hand it explains why hierarchical governments are irresponsible.
The following text explains why and how this is the case; and can be solved.


The behaviour of humanity is that of 'non-conscious cells, reflex driven'.
So it seems, if you do not realise that ... every cell is conscious.
And that, likewise, every human in humanity is fully conscious.
Humans need to know that they, individually, form humanity; collectively.

Humanity is composed of groups of humans, collectively.
Humans form relationships via choices, out of interest.
This always leads to conscious creation of humanity.
Unless choices are taken away, by coercion by money.

Money belief based societies become irresponsible.
The people who create the money control society.
As beasts in a cage, money is punishment/reward.
This makes people irresponsible; driven by needs.

Humanity has been in decline since the invention of money.
It has led to the use of war as means of systematic oppression.
Via taxation (via churches and nations) the use of money was imposed.
Resulting in a society where the few rule the many, via money.

Whenever money is involved, democracy = oligarchy = dictatorship.
Autarchy (self-regulation) can only exist if people create their own money.
As long as this is not the case, their needs will dictate their behaviour.
This is done by keeping in a (nation) state of (church) belief of dependence.

The following first describes how this dependence is created, maintained and exploited.
Then it is shown how these principles relate to our body/brain functioning.
Then, it is possible to turn these same principles around: as humanity consciousness.
Showing how it is possible to have conscious humanity, without need of money.


individual	relationship	group	humanity
conscious	subconscious	unconscious	out of consciousness
freedom of choice	decision	belief	reflex
pineal gland	hypophysis	organ glands	body cells

Table 1. Organic consciousness regulation levels

By the principles by which cells form our body, humans form humanity.
Each next development stage has a next level of system complexity.
We know/experience these as states of consciousness/awareness.
Which we can correlate to different levels of/fir body coordination.

Each of the words in the title is elements in the 3rd column of the table.
By the logic from which the table is derived, they are 3rd Order Elements.
This means that each of these elements represent a transformation.
They are critical states: halfway within and halfway outside of the system.

This makes these elements so important and so powerful.
They (can) regulate and determine the system state.
That also makes these elements so potentially dangerous.
They can create and/or destroy the state of the system: unconsciously.

That is why corporate state religions are so powerful and so toxic.
They manipulate the unconscious state of being of groups of people.
This determines the unconscious behaviour of humanity.
And explains why humanity as a whole is UNconscious.

The only way to restore consciousness to humanity is by being conscious, yourself.
This is impossible in hierarchical systems; set up for controlling slaves/soldiers.
Hierarchy relies in people being dumb, and controlled via their most basic needs.
Roman (church) rule (divide & control, bread & games) was set up for this purpose.

Banking combines these principles as instrument for totalitarian slave control.
It deprives people of free access to the Earth, and their own self-sustenance.
It imposes the use of bank money via enforced 'national' systemic taxation.
As a result money becomes a reward and (by withholding money) punishment.

This is possible only because people do not understand what happens.
They do not understand the dual nature of 3rd order system elements.
Therefore they do not see how these elements are turned against them.
Simply because they do not understand the nature of organic group consciousness.

Look at the table: see how individuals, relating, create groups, in humanity.
Look at the corresponding state of consciousness, for each operational level.
See how we can see the same logic in cells organically forming our body.
And realise that we are each, all, conscious cells in the body of humanity.
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For this reason you will be trained to review your reflexes, addictions, dependencies, relationships.
You will learn to terminate them, and to renew them.
This is the core concept of healing.
You will learn how to learn this from your own body.

You will learn to create your own training programme.
You will learn to create your own training team.
You will learn to create your own training techniques.
You will learn to create your own training tests.

You will be facing your fears, and learn what fears tell us.
You will be facing your own ignorance, as capacity for learning.
You will be facing your own blind spots, your only enemies in your life.
You will be facing your own daemons, which you will learn to recognise as your own creator gods/organs.

The ProVisions does not cost three years of your life; that is your time investment.
You will work with/in your company where you work while you follow the training.
You must warn them that you follow this training; and warn them that you will train them.
Specifically you must warn them that you will train them to be leaders: thus that you/they accept that they learn/know what you do.

ProVisions training is a spiritual warrior/healer/awakening training for you and your corporation.
We only train you so that you can train your corporation.
If it is not your corporation, you cannot follow our training.
If you are not willing to train your corporation, and/or your corporation is not willing to learn from you, you cannot follow our training.

Be aware and be warned.
ProVisions Corporation Training is a spiritual awakening for you and your corporation.
Most corporations are asleep - 'a bunch of overworked slaves keeping each other busy for money'.
In a spiritually awake corporation everybody functions as response-able leader.

It means that the corporation changes.
The hierarchical corporation will transform into healthy cooperation.
You no longer work for people, nor they for you, but you will work WITH each other.
You will no longer work for money, but you will work with money/values.

Instead of working solving problems all day, all day you will work with solutions.
Almost all corporations presently are parasitical; sick and sickening.
The ProVisions training helps you heal your corporation, by you learning to be a healer.
If you cannot understand this, or do not care for this, do not join our training.

Just be aware that from the corporations you work with, others do follow this programme.
Instead of a bunch of followers begging a leader, all people in that company lead that company.
Even their customers, clients. Caterers and consultants help lead these companies.
While you struggle with problems in communication and coordination by your method of command and control, they operate by applying solutions stemming from coordination in communication.
It is the difference between a healthy, alive, conscious corporation, and one which is sick.

Realise that in following this training your body is your most important teacher.
If you have scruples about your body, or that of another - or are disrespectful - do not sign up.
Realise that you(r reflexes) are your own worst enemy, accept and face that before signing up.
You can sign up by paying the registration fee; you will hear from us only if we accept you into our training.

A year will pass between your payment for registration, and our message if we accept you into the training.
Know that if you are not accepted into the training your money goes to a good cause; we do not want your money.
Know also that when we accept you into our training your programme starts at once; you may not recognise that meetings and event scare part of your leadership leadership training.
Know thus that when you fail in these leadership opportunities fests, you in fact fail in your own learning-training.

As part of our training programme you will need to set up your own support team.
You will need to firm a team of the managers that you train to become leaders of trainers of leaders.
You will need to team up with other leaders being trained in the ProVisions training.
You will not always know which of the corporate leaders that you meet is part of the ProVisions training programme - they will never tell you unless we ask them to tell you.

If you are member of a secret club, or a club with secrets, you cannot be active member with them while you follow this training.
There us a direct conflict of interest, in being a follower of a group/sect/cult/church while you train to become a leader of leaders of leaders if leaders.
The Principles addressed in this web site:

''1) [[Freedom of Choice]]: learning from cell biology
2) [[Cell Communication]]: how it works between people
3) [[Organ Organisation]]: why organisations are ‘stupid’
4) [[Understanding Health]]: applying it to organisations''

These pages deal with how to work well.
By addressing how to Be well.

First of all, realise that you are a human in humanity.
You were born, together, directly, with your mother.
You will die, alone; unless people care about you.
Only if they care about you, will they care for you.

(Realise we are talking about free people; not about money slaves.)

Thus, these pages deal with how to work well, together.

Every human is a cell in the body of humanity.
We work well, together, when we work organically.
These pages show how our body does this.
That illustrates how you can do it.
Why Crowds are dumb, Governments irresponsible, Corporations toxic and Religions meaningless.
They deny the unique power potentials of the individuals on which they are based.


The following Schematic shows why groups of people are operating outside of consciousness.


Starting point is the POINT; representing the conscious individual
Relationship between any two people is represented by a LINE.
A “Circle” of people originates from a TRIANGLE of relationships.
A network of people starts with 4 relationships: a TETRAHEDRON.

All relationships between people are based on relationships between their living cells.
The relationships between cells involve different levels of complexity of communication.
The levels of complexity of communication are generally called levels of consciousness.
They are 1) conscious, 2) subconscious, 3) unconscious and 4) out-of-consciousness.

These levels of consciousness pertain to different phases of involvement in context.
This is best described as the change of interest in the participation in creation.
It is based on the process of a boundary transition, of the part of/in/to/into the whole.
This is a dynamic of inversion; and basis for the inversion of meaning (‘reversal of values)’. 
The formation of groups thus involves a reduction of consciousness, and response-ability.
This is why large groups can act stupidly, irresponsible, without consciousness or meaning.
By understanding the dynamic, the remedy is simple: make YOUR group think explicit.
Replace abstractions such as “It, They, Norm(al), Law” by YOUR conscious agreements.

Irresponsible group-think can be eliminated only by conscious involvement of all people.
That requires that all people are in charge of their participation in the integral process.

In practical terms this addresses the replacing of Corporations by Co-operations.
This important principle will be separately described.

1)	The Aspects of Group Relationships (Complexity)
The aspects of group formation in relationships is best shown as an image.
It is the image of the tetrahedron, composed of triangles, of lines, between points.
We can give specific meanings to the points, lines, planes and volume they form.
And correlate the complexity of the construct, with change in conscious experience.

From the image we can see how changes in relationships of the elements emerge.
We can literally see how relationships start to dominate, and abstractions arise.
That however also points out very clearly on what those abstractions are based.
That, is essential to be able to remedy the pathology that originated from ‘abstraction’.

The Image:


First, let’s identify the 4 components of the Tetrahedron Separately.
Then, we can focus on the implied relationship: circles of friend and sphere of influence.

In the first exploration we can look at the components of the relationships between people.
The second exploration focuses on the resulting relationships as a whole; as a system.

A group is composed of 4 elements; in fact it also operates in 4 dimensions:

1)	Point
2)	Line
3)	Plane
4)	Volume

The point represents the conscious individual.
The Line represents the subconscious relationship.
The plane (inside the triangle) represents the unconscious circle of people.
The ball (within the tetrahedron) represents the out-of-consciousness group think.

We can see how a change in complexity, and consciousness, takes place in this process:

First, there is only 1 point: the conscious individual with own freedom of choice.
Then, there are 2 points, and 1 line: the relationship chosen by the two free people.
The Triangle representing a circle of 3 people involves also 3 relationships,
The tetrahedron comprises 4 people, 6 relationships, 4 groups in 1 ‘network.

The origination of irresponsibility stems out of the out-of-consciousness of the ‘Sphere’.
The next part of this presentation unfolds the individual point of consciousness to a Sphere.
Each next stage is a change in abstraction; and emergence of ‘group think’.
It is important to realise that group-think, like any reflex, can never be trusted.
2)	Group Relationships as a System ((un)Consciousness)
There is a different way of looking at the same process (or forming relationship networks).
In the other approach, each of the aspects of the relationship forming is a System.
The System is then seen by its different aspects: 1) Structure, 2) Process, 3) Transformation and 4) Integration.
System Theory offers the mental tools and techniques to work with this understanding.

In the systems description the individual can still be represented by a point.
The relationship (‘line’) is replaced by a dynamic interaction: feed-forward & feedback.
The group loop (triangle) represents an ongoing transformation cycle ( a circle).
The group network takes the shape if a sphere; based on the interconnected cycles.


The point represents the freedom of choice in the individual.
Within yourself you experience your options, doubts, choices and decisions.
Of others you see the result of their decisions: reflexes, beliefs, conduct and behaviour.
Control & command are reflex driven, communication & coordination operate choice.

The feed-forward-feedback loop represents the ‘chemical’ balance in relationships.
There is stability (closure) ONLY when the feed-forward and feedback are balanced.
This balance is always conditional; determined in/by the changing context.
A fully balanced relationship requires that the conditions too are self-chosen/’controlled’.

The circle represents the conditionality of the relationship balance in its context.
This can be shown as a circle between the line-mid-pints; or connecting the endpoints.
Either circle implies the other: the inner balance/cycle reflects the outer cycle/balance.
(It is also seen in/as the double layer lipid membrane surrounding our living body cells.)

The sphere (‘of influence’) also is at the same time internal and external.
The internal sphere is how all people in a group unconsciously influence each other.
The external sphere represents how the people as a group influence their environment.
Here too, the survival of the group depends on how the inner sphere reflects the outer.

The point, line, circle and sphere represent the indirect mutual influence/influencing.
They are, respectively, conscious, subconscious, unconscious and out-of-conscious actions.
The Sphere and Circle(s) are consequential to the Tetrahedron and the Triangle(s).
Whereas the tetrahedron and triangles are consequential to relationship(s) between points: the individual choices.

Many people are conditioned to disregard/disrespect the different qualities involved.
The points only are real: real people with unique individual freedom of choice.
The lines, triangles and tetrahedron are implied: by the way people relate to people.
The circle(s) and sphere are consequential: determined by maintained relationship.

How this works can be seen in the model of political participation:
1) individuals form 2) Parties which form 3) Government which forms 4) Laws.
In the schema: the 1) points form 2) lines, forming 3) circles forming spheres.
In this description the change in geometry logic is seen, as triangle(s) becoming circles; and a sphere.

Here we explicitly see the dynamic of misrepresentation.
Instead of the triangles of relationship, we see the impersonal abstract sphere.
Instead of realising that individuals in relationships form agreements, the formulation of agreements between people is represented as-if determining their freedom of choice.
In the reversal of the implied sphere as-if a law; freedom of choice is denied by abstraction.

Next in this exploration we must address why groupthink can become toxic.
Here we best refer to the work of Pjilip Zimbardo (and John Milgram).
They studied why/how good people come to do evil (as in concentration camps).They found 4 factors: 1) anonymisation, 2) generalisation, 3) abstraction, 4) domination

3)	Loss of Response Ability by Complexity ((ir)Reponsibility)

Our participation in creation is determined by our freedom of choice in involvement.
We operate this (freedom of) choice in the (singularities of) the system boundary.
This always involves the singular operation of (total) system boundary inversion.
This is the same as the dynamic of crossing a boundary; or of ‘turning inside out’.

Freedom of Choice is based on ONLY this operation: inverting the system boundary.
Free Will is the effectuation of the choice in expression through the system boundary.
Only then can the choice become an influence on the environment.
Interactions are based on reconciliation the expressions of Free Will (by Free Choice).

4)	Restoring Integrity in (Group) Relationships (Free Choice)

Groupthink is the out-of-conscious thought process in the network.
It is based on the unconscious interplay between the circles of relationships between people.
The relationships between people are of a subconscious nature, always.
In which the individual choices of the individual always form the basis of the construct.

As individuals people are conscious with freedom of choice (if they use it or not).
In relating to another individual people form 1/2 of the relationship between them.
In Circles, each individual is in contact with only 1/3 of the relationships between them.
In Networks, any individual actively forms only 1/4 of the relationships that they form.

NO individual actively commands or controls the integral group network process.
If one individual tries to dominate the three others, the group function is crippled.
This is the same pathological domination as seen in one human controlling another.
It is the immature, and pathological, form of a parent ‘not allowing a child to grow up’.

Any system that uses hierarchy as a means of command and control disrespects people.
Command and control deny the responsibility and freedom of choice of other people.
It denies the basis of human/cell interaction: communication & coordination.
In belying the natural process, it is a form of disease, and can easily become toxic.

In natural development every baby grows up to become child, adolescent and then adult.
Each phase of development adds another level op ability to operate freedom of choice.
It also adds other skills in operating autonomy in relationships with others.
Any society that does not allow this, operates in an addiction to slavery/enslavement.

Humanity of the body formed by individual humans, interacting as living ‘cells’.
If the individuality of the humans/cells is denied, the potential of the group is limited.
People who operate in groups under control can be compared to addicts.
Their actions are not self determined and responsible, but dictated by reflex (‘dictators’).

Concentration camps are built and operated by irresponsible people.
These people are unable to respond because they themselves live in dependence.
The study of Philip Zimbardo shows how such dependence is conditioned (via money).
Response-able group behaviour can exist only when people form the group by free choice.

Religions are meaningless when the people in it unthinkingly follow dictates of others.
Corporations are toxic when the actions are determined by (money) enslavement only.
Governments are irresponsible when people cannot represent themselves in making law.
Crowds are stupid when they let their experience be determined by circumstance.

Crowds in sport events engage in this level of being lived by their circumstance.
Populations in dictatorships/oligarchy/democracy according to by the whim of others.
People in corporations act by a hierarchy controlled by the dictates of money.

Bread and Games, Divide and Rule, were the motto’s of the Roman slave state.
Sport events, Money dependency. Representative government. Belief manipulation.
All of these are instruments for determining the free(dom of) choice of other people.
The following table summarised the 4D relationships:

Individual	Relationship	Group	Network
Point	Feedforward-feedback	Circle	Sphere
Point	Line	Plane	Volume
Point	Line	Triangle	Tetrahedron

The following image represents the same 4D pattern:
Realise that there a points: only there are response-able conscious people.
Understand that lines are subconscious interactions between people; consequential.
Know that Circles are implied continuity in relationships between living people.
The Sphere is consequential only of the balance between the circles; not-real.

Religions pretend the shared implied understanding is real and an entity in itself: ‘god’.
Governments pretend that the same abstraction can be explicitly described as ‘law’. 
Corporations pretend that they understand how the ‘laws’ of ‘god’ act in ‘hierarchy’.
Groups of people pretend that they feel the essence of that share being in ‘crowds’.

At some time in my life I was asked to set up my own business.
That was a fascinating and frightening experience.
Fascinating, because as engineer/scientists a (re)learned something new.
Frightening, because as doctor/therapist I saw all the rot of doing business.

It is impossible to enrich yourself without it being at the expense of others.
The only remedy for this is to transform every corporation into a co-operation.
In order to be able to do so, you must participate in the political process.
But, more important, you must own your own bank and create your own money.

What you do in your life has no value unless you determine your own value.
If in your life you work for money, you work for others and have no life yourself.
When you die (as slave) you will not have learned how to operate freedom of choice.
One of the prime purposes of ProVisions is to resolve money slavery (enslavement).

Those issues are mentioned here, but addressed elsewhere (www.plantingparadise.org).
The ProVisions Pro Deo Consulting project is about revitalising your work experience.
It applies the principles of the Science of Life – the art of healing – in your work place.
The aim of ProVisions is that you are able to operate your organisation ... as a Healer:
The word 'Problem' comes from the Greek language.
It derives from the composite word: Pro Blema.
It refers to the 
One of the ProVisions Projects is about "Problem=Solution".
Buddhists say //‘the problem is the shadow of the solution you missed seeing’//.
In ProVisions philosophy, the solution //is// the problem, seen from a different perspective.
This is illustrated by seeing a question mark (?) sideways (!).

The “Joseph's Law” states that "Problems cannot exist".
because, 1) either they have a solution, and are no problem.
or, 2) they have no solution and you must learn to live with that,
That means that the only problem you may have is to adapt when circumstances demand that.

That is why this project also addresses resolving the problems you make.
By the “Josephs Law”, the problems you experience are of your own making.
Had you addressed the ‘problem’ differently, you would have seen the solution.
The problem lies in your ‘unwillingness’ to change, and insistence to adhere to (false) expectations.
Many people assume that what they //Interpret// is what the other meant.
That is //never// the case.
Most communication conflicts arise from this.
See also the complement: “Perception-Projection”.

Think of the principle of the shaving transformer:
The two currents are separate; always.

This is how communication take place, in 4 stages:

1)    You think something (in your private domain)
 2)   You express it in limited words or symbols (in public domain)
 3)   The other hears it and interprets it (from public domain)
 4)   That interpretation is then given own meaning (in private domain)

Perception and Projection are opposites of each other.
"__Perception__" refers to what //can// be seen: we "Interpret' what we see thereof.
"__Projection__" refers to what we //wish// to see; as based on "Expectations" we made.
Perception is external/objective; Projection is internal/subjective.

//To be continued...//
The concept of a “Personal Professional” is a "//contradictio in terminis//".
The word "Professional" refers tpo someone who does something for another, //for money//.
The word "Personal" refers to an interest in other people //regardless of (involvement of) money//.
The terms "Personal Professional" refers to a Professional relationship where money is NOT the norm.

//To be continued...//
One of the most often occurring problems is confusing self with others.
This is in fact the basis of all diseases.
We all are cells in the body of humanity.
We all reflect each other, yet at the same time …. we all are unique.

''The Mimicry Cells''

In our brain core there is a group of cells in which we can reflect on our environment.
There are related cells which store face features of the people we see.
There are also related cells which reflect the mime of the faces of others.
These we can correlate to our own facial miming, and our own associated emotion.

''The Mirror Phase''

There is an age at which infants know that the face in the mirror is their own.
In psychology this is known as the Lacan Mirror Phase development.
It is a first realisation that you can be experienced ‘ from outside’.
But also, that you can experience yourself, ‘as-if from outside’.

''The Adolescence Phase''

Normally, naturally, in puberty people discover sexuality.
They experience their own sexual development; with others.
This will normally naturally lead to pregnancy; child bearing and child raising.
In raising a child, the self again is experienced reflected in a unique other.

''The Regulatory System''

All of these ‘mirroring’, ‘reflection’, realisations’ are part of the Regulatory system.
The regulatory system attunes, checks and maintains the System Interface.
This takes place via the System Singularities (where the system turns inside-out).
The definition of the relationship between Self and Other is determined by the Regulatory System.
These project pages illustrate what can go wrong/well in our lives.
Whatever can happen in our lives, also can happen in our ‘work’.
Work is a form of social life, in which people help each other.
Because together we can do/achieve more than alone ([[Synergy]]).

__ProVisions presents 4 Project Categories__: (CLICK THE TAGS).

1) [[Problem=Solution]]
2) [[Perspectives]]
3) [[Involvement]]
4) [[Healing]]

ProVisions Consulting was originally set up as a consultancy collaboration place.
Managers, CEO’s, Personnel learn the healing arts to operate a healthy enterprise.
That calls for the ability to integrate (very) different perspectives.
With, likewise, very different consultants, to, together, help out.

ProVisions is about working together.
Consultants working together with clients.
‘Employers’ working together with ‘employees’
And corporations working, instead, as co-operations.

Project Provisions is all about how YOU can learn to do this yourself.
The Course presents a series of insights and understandings; you may wish to study and apply.
The Curriculum is a means to be able to apply this new way of thinking in your work place.
The purpose is that you operate your operation not as a parasite, but as a healer.

Health care is all about understanding how the universe operates within each of us.
It also involves understanding how cells create our body; and humans create humanity.
As is the case in traditional healing: it is all about truly understanding health, not disease (treatment).
As in health care: it is all about disease prevention; NOT about disease treatment.

Internet is being set up to eliminate the middle-man (is that you?); and spy on everyone.
Money is being changed to a personal life-death-debt contract; beyond your own control.
That means that there are some properties of money you must know, before starting business.
"Purpose", "[[Intent]]", "Goal" and "[[Soul]]" are interrelated words.
In German and Dutch, we see that [[Soul]] is related to [[Goal]].
The words refer to the focus/goal that you give to your life.
"The purpose of your life, is that you give your life purpose".
"Quintessence" is a term used in Alchemy to describe the nature of Change (in the uniVerse).
Alchemists realised that the Four Fundamental Forms of Matter are but consequential; 'immaterial'.
In Alchemy these are known as Earth, Water, Air and Fire (we know them as "Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma").
In Physics these are called Matter/Physics, Molecules/Chemistry, Atoms/Electromagnetism, and Subatomic/Phase.

The Quintessence is the change of phase.
Phase change is the Essence, not the Phases of Matter.
At the basis of phase change, is the change of a quantum.
It is that change that is the basis of [[Freedom of Choice]].
'Realisation' is a Verb and (thence) a Noun; "reality" is the Product of the act/art of Realisation.
A 'Reflex' is an automatic out-of-consciousness 'replay' of any action you ever did.
A Reflex is a 'power tool', which makes it possible to better interact within our environment.
Any action, within a specific environment, can be Remembered, and 'Replayed from Memory'.
Once a Reflex is created, the presence of the Environment and the existence of an Intent, suffices to activate a Reflex.

Every action is recorded in memory.
Together with the intent of the action.
Together with the conditions of te action.
Together with the effect; on the environment, and our body.

As any power tool, the reflex also operates at the risk of the user.
Reflexes that work well, act 1000x faster than you can think; which can save your life.
Reflexes that do NOT function properly, can backfire, become destructive and 'wreck your life'.
As the saying has it: "Do not become servant of your servants": ''do not let reflexes determine your life''.

Although Reflexes operate Out-of-consciousness, they are always created by/from Choice:
|Choice => Decision => Conviction => Reflex |
Every Reflex 'acts out' the conviction=belief that underlies it.
Every Belief originates from a Decision, thus operates a Choice.

| Choice | Decision | Belief | Reflex |
| Conscious | Subconscious | Unconscious | Out-of-conscious |

'Reliable' (litterally: re-connectable) means that you can fall back on a previous situation/state/decision/creation and build upon that.
'Respect' is the realisation that all other beings, like you, learn to use [[Freedom of Choice]].
Only YOU are fully //able// to //Respond//, to that YOU do.
At the moment that you initiate/catalyise change, you are the Fulcrum.
YOU are the one who, as Galileo Galilei wrote, can change the uniVerse.
You are the Pivot of change; and its sequence of consequences.

In creating Change, you poperate the principle of a Quantum.
A Quantum is the universal Unit if Change: of Phase Change.
A Quantum Change, is a change=reversal of polarity (Phase).
A Quantum Change is the equivalent to a Boundary Transition.

This is whu that is so: a Boundary is a place where reflection occulrs.
If you throw a ball at a wall, it will bounce back.
Even if you throw and invisible ball against an invisible wall, it will bounce back.
A ball that bounces back bully, reverses Direction; it reverses Phase.

Any place where phase reversal occurs is called a Boundary=SIngularity.
When regerded/described from outside, it is called a Boundaty.
When regarded/describes in the interface, it is called a Songularity.
As a "Singularity", both sides are seen; as a "Boundary" one side is seen.
That, is also the key to Problem-Solution.
It is the difference between [[Problem]] and [[Obvious]].
Both words refer to what is ahead of you on your parth.
The difference is: do you step beyond it, or not.
Secrets are hidden 'bits of information'.
They are //part of the whole//, but //separate// from the whole.
By being separate, the part forms a Closed System.
This means that the boundary Separates the part from the whole.

The 1st part of the text below describes the ''Boundary''.
The 2nd part addresses the (fundamentals of) ''Integrity''.
The 3rd part deals with the (problems of ) ''(dis)Integration''.
The4th part describes the remedy for Separation: ''Healing''.

Beware, be aware: this text deals with very fundamental issues.
It does not describe 'the world we know'; but 'how it was made'.
This addresses unoiVersal principles - which are in-built in our body.
That means that you already have an innate knowing of what is described.

What is new, is that we here look at the unknown; and all that is Denied.
A "Lie" is a "Secret" of which another is not (being) informed.
The Lie/Secret changes (the meaning of) the known information.
The Unknown must be accounted for in dealing with the Known.


Realise that the boundary that separates the part from the whole also connects the part into the whole.
Normally a boundary does NOT //completely// 'seal off' the part from the whole.
Instead, every Boundary contains a Singularity (the 'switching point', which defines the Boundary.
It is by this Singularity that EVERY Boundary is interconnected; connected to every other boundary.

This ' connection Point', of ANY Boundary, relates to the Connecting Point of EVERY Boundary.
This is based on the principle by which Boundaries are created.
Boundaries are, by definition, the defining edge of a Field.
A Field, and a Boundary, however are the INVERSE of each other.

A Field originates, very literally, from a Boundary turning inside-out.
Likewise, a boundary is - very literally - a Field, turned-outside-in.
It is that rotation, inside-out & Outside-in, that defines a Singularity.
It is only when a singulary becomes locked/blocked, that a boundary becomes locked.

The situation that a Boundary becomes an Insulator, traditionally called "Hell".
 It is this situation, of a Boundary "Helling off" (Insulating) which creates 'problems'.
Secrets, Lies, Mistakes and Disease are all the result of this "Isolation".
The information in the part, is not unified/integrated with/in the whole.

Any Boundary, EVERY Boundary, is defined by an Inversion of Phase.
Compare it to a ball, bouncing back off a wall.
If the wall is rigid, the ball bounces back 'perfectly'.
If there is NO wall, the ball travels on, without any disturbance.

This is the case also if the bawwl, and/or the ball, were 'invisible'.
Perfect rebound, is a reversal of motion; no rebound, is uninterrupted motion.
Anywhere inbetween, is a partial change of motion; called a change of phase.
A 'boundary'  is the equivalent of a Phase Change (change of angle of phase).

Phase Angle is the most important principle in the universe.
Zero degrees phase change/angle, is the same as ' no boundary'.
180 degrees phase angle is the same as a 'Closed Boundary'.

'Anywhere inbetween', betweeen 0 and 180, is a Boundary Transformation.

Isolation, Insulation, occurs due to a ' rigid'/Closed (System) Boundary.
With a Closed Boundary, the one side and the ' other side'  are "Opposites".
The closed Boundaty in a basic sense, is like a Perfect Mirror.
It unites the opposites; 'Oppositions' DEMONSTRATE a Closed Boundary.

Whenever there are Opposites, there is an "Invisible Boundary" involved.
Whatever is separated FROM the uniVerse, is part of the uniVerse still (always).
The part is merely, at that moment, not SEEN to be integrated/connected.
This is normally because the 'observer' IDENTIFIES with the Separation.


Once you realise this, you are aware that Opposites are Complements.
Whenever there are opposites as the question: "where is the hidden boundary".
As explained above, an Invisible/Closed Boundary has a Locked Singularity.
In order to open the Closed Boundary, the Singularity must be UN-locked.

The restoration of Boundary Activity is the basis of the principle of Integration.
Beware: be aware that Closed Boundaries play an important role inthe uniVerse.
Closed Boundaries define structures; and so-called 'integrity' and 'coherence'.
The creation of rigidity (phase lock) is part of "Cosmic Creation".

This juxtaposes Integrity and Integration; Noun versus Verb, respectively.
Remember that the (Static) Boundary corresponds with a (Locked) Singularity.
This means that Integration/Integrity is never Structural, but FUNCTIONAL.
In case a Boundary is Closed, it is still part of uniVersal functioning.

This requires a different way of thinking; not about Forms, but about Forming.
The Boundary State derives from the state of the associated Singularity.
The same is the case for the INVERSE of the Boundary; the Field.
The Boundary and the Field are Complement; linkeb by a Singularity.

The Creation in/of the uniVerse is NOT about the Forming of Forms.
It is about the coherence in the patterns by which Forms are Formed.
Not the Forms/boundaries; not the Forming (Field Transformations).
Instead, it is about the trans-form-at-ion of/between/by both.

Integrity refers to the structural stability of the boundary/Interface.
Integration refers to the dynamic coherence of Field transition/transformation.
Disintegrity is the loss of (boundary integrity, in the process of (Field) Integration.
Desintegrity leads to the loss of integration; and Dis-integration.


Disintegration goes through four different interrelated stages.
From 1) Health to 2) Adaptation to 3) Compensation to 4) Decompensation.
It is a staged loss of Information, Energy, Processes and finally structure.
Perceived as Consciousness, Regulation, Physiology, and then Anatomy.

The principles that form our body, are (always) the uniVersal processes.
That means that we can witnes/experience the universal principles in our body.
It also means that we better not regard the universe ar composed of ' dead matter'.
Instead, as stated in the (Far) East, we can regard all as a 'living process'. 

Dis-integration (the disease-process) follows a very definite and precise staging.
This process is the Opposite, thus Complement, of that of body formation.
In the case of loss of Health, the process of body creation/maintenance reverses.
It is a faal-back-scenario, with Regression to earlier development stages.

''Healing is always based on the capacity for Self-Healing in our living body.
Health is based on the integrity in continuity in Cell Communication.
Disease is caused by a confusion or Collapse of Coherence of Cell Communication.
Death is due to loss of Cell Communication (Coherence).''

__Health is a property of Life__; Life is defined by having Freedom of Choice.
__Freedom of Choice implies the capacity to learn from making mistakes__.
Learning is the ability to integrate new patterns into Cell Communication.
//Learning and Mistakes have the same essence: electromagnetic signals, in an electromagnetic field//.

The difference between disease and healing lies in the way the signals are integrated in the field.
In the case of Disease, information is stored in separation, until it can be learned from (= digested).
As soon as the new information is integrated (made whole), the coherent Information Field ‘grows’.
The process of Digestion is based on the process of Cell ‘division’; and also seen in the Sleep Cycle.

| Cell Division | Cell Communication | Organ Circulation | Human Communication |
| Cell Cycle | Sleep Cycle | Development Cycle | Life Cycle |
| Delta Wave | Theta Wave | Alpha Wave | Beta Wave |
| Choice | Decision | Conviction | Reflex |

__In the Sleep Cycle we shift our attention from our environment to our cellular functions__.
From Environment to Body to Organ to Cell level; with each their own form of consciousness.
It is also described as a shift from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta Brain waves”.
It also is the shift from being a separate identity, to being the uniVerse, in inVerse.

This is ''the ‘mechanism’ for self-healing: re-relating the part in/to the whole''.
Every Sleep Cycle, our Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit system (unity) is restored.
Therein the Part is Reconnected to the Whole (by integrating the Singularities of the System).
(System Singularities are the Turning Point, where a System Boundary turns Inside-out on itself.)

__Self-regeneration thus operates by the same principle as operates in Cell Regeneration__:
The system turns inside-out on itself – as a part, as a whole; as a part, in the whole.
//Self-healing is the same process; the turning inside-out of locked-in Memory Clusters//.
If the undigested memory is thus digested, the sickness is healed; if not, it is ‘chronic’.

__A Chronic Disease is in fact a “timeless Disease”, it continues to exist, ‘outside of time’__.
The memory is  ‘locked in’, outside of, thus separate from the total body system processes.
It is, so to say, a process, //locked in time//, in the time/timing processes of the body: ''Physiology''.
By being ‘locked in, //it is as if Anatomy became locked in, frozen in time, in our Physiology//.

If there are too many instanced of such locked-in undigested memories, it is called "''Aging''".
Every ‘lump’ in the system, blocks/locks the process, and obstructs the process circulation.
With too many blockages the circulation has too many detours; it becomes feeble and slows down.
__Reactivation and ‘digestion’ of those ‘lumps’, liberates the locked in energy and reactivates the system__.

''This thus is the principle of self-healing, healing and rejuvenation''.
It is the location and abundance of those blockages that determines the nature of a disease.
The location and intensity of a blockage is always based on the kind of experience that caused it.
The cause always lies in the (un)conscious decisions for/against integration with/in the environment, at the time of disease creation = error = mis’take = decision.

The cure lies in identifying the hidden (locked in = blind spot) blockages in the system.
They are created by the principle of Reflex Creation (and thus also operate ‘outside of time’).
The principle of Reflex Creation is that of Cell Division, Learning Metabolism and the Sleep Cycle.
That is why the Sleep Cycle (and other equivalents) can always be used as metaphor for (Self) Healing.
'Self-Sabotage', from the work "Sabotage" (throwing a clog in the cogwheels).
In the time of the Industrial Revolution handworkers were replaced by machines.
Suddenly, many handworkers could no longer create their own income.
Out of frustration, they sought revenge: wrecking the machines that 'took their jobs'.

The image of a clog thrown into a cogwork is appropriate.
It quite closely resembles what happens in our body, die to Self-Sabotage.
Self-Sabotage when Reflexes, which you yourself created, 'Backfire'.
They quite literally interfere with your internal organic processes ('the cogwheels').

Our Organ System is composed of a system of 'cycles within cycles'('cogwheels').
Every organs produces materials (__Feed Forward__) which other organs can work with.
The products produced by those other organs provides __Feedback__ to the first organ.
In this way, all organs work together, in forming and maintaining 'loops within loops'.

All our Food, and all our Experiences, are Fed into this system of cycles within cycles.
This works well for all food/Information that our body can work with; it can be 'digested'.
Sometimes this is not the case; the food/information can not be digested, or eliminated.
In that case the undigested substance 'festers within'; and interferes with digestion.

Self-Sabotage is rarely intentional; and usually out-of-conscious (in a Blind Spot).
Like a disease locked into the body, help is needed, to be able to 'digest it'.
It always requires that the site of the blockage ('the clog') is identified.
Then, it is a matter of 'turning on the digestive cycle' to digest/eliminate the blockage.
''Apply the Art of The Healer in Operating your Organisation as an Organism''; //not as a Mechanism
[img[http://www.provisions.nl/images/4Dpoint.jpg]] ProVisions
Yes, it is a tricky idea that 'Sleeping' is the main key to health.
It is so often seen as the opposite of productivity.
Because most people associate effect with Energy.
While in fact Energy always requires Information.
'Stepping Stones' are pre-conceived idea(l)s, put in action.
By putting [[Magic Carpet]]s in place, they can be acted upon.
What was first purely hypothetical, speculative, can be realised.
By making-it-real, you can really and definitely 'get a step farther'.
Every individual always has a 'Support System'.
Every human is born from a Mother, and also has a Father.
In Developed Cultures, the "Parents" care for the child they 'give life'.
Not all societies are sufficiently developed to provide all care a child needs, in growing up.

Humans relate to each other in the same way as do atoms: active/passive repulsion/attraction.
Human societies are the equivalent of molecular organisation; with the same 'chemistry'.
"Every Human is a Cell in the Body of Humanity".
Every humans has more ancestors than there are people on the planet: all humans are related.

By their attractions/repulsions people actively/passively (do not) relate to other humans.
The decisions to yes/no relate to others are always based on how they relate to themselves.
By the principles of [[Self Healing]] restrictions/limitations can therein be restored.
Therein the internal healing, restores the health/integrity in the relationships as well.

It is essential to know and define your own ''Support System''.
This is not just the Network of Families, Friends, Acquaintances and Enemies.
It is also all those people who are indifferent, or choose not to associate.
All reflect invisible internal traits and characteristics of you, yourself.

1) List all the people you know; including those you do not like (to know).
2) Mark for each: 1) Like, 2) Indifference, 3) Dislike and 4) Animosity.
3) Write how each emotional attachment pertains to traits within You.
4) Group all people with same affinities to you, and denote how they 'feel about each other'.
"Two know more than One".
The explanation lies in "Stereo"and "Laser".
We see the reason in the V-flight of Swans.
It is all based on "Cancellation of Blind Spots".

''"Syngnosis" = "Together - Knowing"''.
It complements the notions of Synthesis, Synchonisation en Synergy.
These principle are all interrelated; see the table below.
Syngnosis deepens our understanding; beyond energy, into consciousness.

| Synthesis | Synchronisation | Synergy | Syngnosis |
| Space | Time | Energy | Information |
| 3D | 2D | 1D | 0D |

__Example 1: the Eye__

Every Eye has a __Blind Spot__ - an area in the eye where we cannot see anything.
This is the area of the Retina where all the nerve signals of the eye go to the brain.
(The retina is the neural plexus of sensory cells that detect photons around us.)
That is, precisely where all information of the eye leaves the eye, we are blind...

We do not see our blind spot, because our other eye is constructed in mirror-image.
As a result, the one eye can see where the other eye can not (due to the Blind Spot).
This is achieved by the two images of the two eyes perfectly overlapping each other.
Thus in fact we see everything twice=double, except what happens in our Blind Spot.

The notion is the Blind Spot is universal; what we see in the Eye is a "Singularity".
In a Singularity, the System (boundary) turns itself inside-out (an inVersion).
As a result, the inside and outside are connected; and the part and the whole are one.
This, more than a metaphor, is a God Spot: where the whole is seen in the part.

This, is the foundation of the understanding of Syngnosis (Shared Knowing).
It is not so much based on the sharing of information.
More importantly, it is about the Cancellation of the Blind Spots.
Every point where the part connects to the whole, is a singularity = Blind Spot.

__Example 2: Con-versation__

"Con-versation" is a pouring together of ideas and ideals; "Views & Opinions".
Every human has their own Standpoint, Outlook, Perspective and Vision.
Every vision, of everybody, is always by definition incomplete: it has a Blind Spot.
"The stand point, from where you see all, itself, you see not".

Every conversation is a View, a Perspective or Outlook, with a Blind Spot.
Whenever people speak together, all they say hinges on their Blind Spot.
When people do not understand this, they tend to disagree, based on what they do NOT see.
If they learn to ignore their own blind spit; they can see what the other fills in for their blind spot.

Blind Spot Cancellation has 4 mechanisms, as we can see in our body.
Anti-symmetry cancels by overlap; Saccadic Motion obfuscates by Jitter.
Crossed Lines maps the two eye images coincident in the rear brain.
Micro Memory matches past and present  images over Time.

Conversation is the 'outpour' of different visions from different perspectives.
Every Society in that sense operates by the concept of 'the eye of the fly'.
Many small images together form a more encompassing 'composite image'.
Compare this to a hologram; where every part is in fact the image of the whole.

__Example 3: The V-flight of Swans__

When birds 'fly', they 'swim in the sky', pumping/pulsing a wave.
This wave created by the flap of the wing travels forwards and backwards the the speed of sound.
Thence a bird ahead/behind another bird can 'surf the wave' the other bird created.
All bird can pump/pulse the wave, and/or surf the wave, at the same time.

The wave propagates ath the speed of sound, with its own wave length.
Each bird-in-flight pumps/pulses its own 'sound' wave (forward and backward).
When birds fly together, the waves that each makes will interfere/interact.
The birds are able to sense this and synchronise their beats to match the wave.

There is an important moment of Phase Synchronisation, resulting in Phase Coherence.
All the waves, created by all the birds, merge and become one: a Carrier Wave.
As a result, the separate wave of each bird becomes part of one and the same Wave Train.
This phase-matching info phase-coherence is the same principle as in creating LASER.

This means that the wave of each bird fuses with all other waves of all other birds.
The coherence of the wave results in the creation of a Wave Envelope (higher order cohesion).
When this wave envelop is stape it become a Soliton; and the birds ride/surf a MASER.

//Note that the LASER like MASER 'beam' is focused ahead of the birds in flight.
Due to the internal cohesion of the beam it maintains cohesion; directedness.
As with a laser beam, this can propagate information forwards and backwards.
This makes it possible to sense air/vapour/matter densities in the direction of flight//.

__Example 4: Stereo__

Stereoscopy (light) ans Stereophony (Sound) are based on the same principle.
What was described for the eyes, also applies to the Ears (with their Deaf Spot).
The Deaf Spot is functionslly defined: where no sound waves resonate.
Again this is based on the Singularoty where the System Links into its Environment.

Stereophony has been well researche do to its application in music reproduction.
Therein two (or more) loudspeakers each produce two components of the same melody.
The sameness in the music functions as 'Carrier Wave', or 'Common Dinominator'.
The difference sunctions as Signal Wave or Mutual Discriminator (Differentiator).

The result is an Interference Pattern with Phase Coherence and Phase Changes.
The 'Common ground' defones the phase space association between the loudspeakers.
The 'Mutual Exclusion' projects defines phase space area clusters'.
The result is the semblance of an acoustic orchestra, where in reality there is none.

Another way to describe the same is by the term 'phase space trave'.
The Orchestra which was present at the recording is replicated in reproducing the music
The difference is that the positions of the instruments, not the instruments, are replicated.
This principle is used also in homeopathy; replicating information, without materialisation.


Syngnosy is the combination/integration of the above principles in communication.
When people 'attune' their intent, they create a Carrier Wave, just like the V-Flight of birds.
In this case the propagates soundscape is a sphere, comparable to the Stereo Orchestra.
As with a Laser or Maser, the coherent wave field projects forward into time.

Thus, people who 'phase match' their thinking can acquire 'phase lock' in their mind.
The minds (EM oscillators) become coupled, thus amplifying their processing/potential.
As in any singularity; the system 'turns inside-out'(i.e. becomes functionally Cosmic).
That can lead to god-awarenes between people: experiencing the whole in the part.
'System Healing' is the word that describes the relationship between diseases.
Often people are not sick, because of something 'undigested' within them.
Often Sensitive People can accept/store conflicts in communication between people around them.
Like 'thermometer', they are the indicator (by a disease within them) of a disease around them.

They are not the originators/creators of the disease; but merely Carriers of the Disease.
This can be a physical, mental, social and/or ecologic disease.
In each case it is a mismatch in the integration of information communication.
In every case, there is a lack or inability to 'digest' the mis-matched information.

It is never enough to heal an individual.
Individuals are always part of their [[Support System]].
The Support System may/can/shall/will be part of their Social Support System.
The Healing of the Individual will affect the whole Communication in the Support System
The Tea Lady

Many companies have a “coffee lady”, who makes the rounds on all floors to visit all employees.
It is much more healthy if instead she serves //tea//s; better still if she has good knowledge about //healing herbs//.
It would be practical if at the same time she can deliver the in-house mail and information.
But it would be best if she has __a PhD in psychology__, or can work at that level, //and gets paid at that level//.

Companies depend on people being best at what they do best, in the way they can best do it.
Most difficulties n companies arise in/by people – ineffectively – sharing ideas with each other.
Often there is nothing wrong with the ideas (they are just idea(l)s), but the manner of communication fails.
That is where the Psy [[Tea Lady]] pays off – to help enhance internal communication.

The better people can communicate with clarity, the better they can work together.
Sometimes it helps to first talk over with a trusted outsider, what is to be said to another.
It makes sense to ask the Tea Lady to be such a Confidante, for all people in the office..
Especially if all know that this ‘outsider’ Confidante can always be fully trusted..

In most companies the Tea Lady comes by twice a day; around 10-11hr and 15-16hr.
At that time she can serve a tonic drink (ideally, fruit juice) and a Brain Food snack.
But at that time she can also provide quick reflections, or take consultation appointments.
With that, employees can come by ger fesk and have her help resolve communication prob!ems.

For a company it pays off to have a competent psy-teal-lady as part of the core work crew.
Much time is lost, work is wasted, health is harmed, by improper/ineffective communication.
By having a competent communication consultact active, immense corst can be saved.
This approach provides ongoing company health care, and disease presention.
''Form a Team''

//Single cells have a limited life//: context dependent.
It took millions of years for cells to learn to team up.
As a result, they could live in different environments.
Please read Lynn Margulis to see what this means.

It is all about [[Symbiosis]].
Click the link to see how this works.
Simply react to this text and show interest.
Because that  is how synergy starts.
[[Eliminating Self Sabotage Programmes]] Stop being lived, and destroyed, by your Reflexes.
[[Writing Your Future CV]] Dream up the impossible, then act on it to make it possible.
[[Self Healing]]
[[Support System]]
[[System Healing]]
[[Anger Management]] Misdirected creative energy can be redirected.
[[Magic Carpets]]
[[Stepping Stones]]
Territories are the areas in which [[Animals]] [[live]], sleep, hunt, eat and mate.
The Territory of the Animal is the equivalent of the [[Standpoint]] of a plant.
Both are based on the "[[Locus]]" (living space) of the microbes and cells.
Humans also have a Territory in their Mind ("[[The Kingdom Within]]").

A Territory is defined by an "[[Event Horizon]]", or "[[System Boundary]]".
The definition of the Territory however lies in the [[Boundary Definition]].
The Boundary Definition depents on the [[Integration]] within the [[Environment]].
This takes place in the "[[Singularity]]", the place where the Boundary turns [[Inside-out]].
Any group of people is a social organisation, a conscious organism.
This consciousness potential is lost if 'it' is treated like a mechanism.

| Sleeping |
| Breathing |
| Exercising |
| Nutrition |

Thinking is the process of operating Consciousness.
It operates in four stages.
These stages correspond with different levels of consciousness/awareness: 1) cell, 2) organ, 3) body, 4) environment.
In the same way our body/organs/cells process food, they also process information; at 4 distinct levels:


Notions are undefined concepts.
Concepts are undefined Ideas.
Ideas are as yet unsubstantiated thoughts.
Thoughts are the outcome/residue of the process of ''Thinking''.
'Thought-Clarification' is the process is discerning between:
Which implies discerning between:
#Memories (//See//: [[Memory]]

All we think is based on [[Cell Communication]].
Every Cell operates Nuclear Atomic Energies in (trans)forming molecules.
Every Cell uses Cosmic Information in order to do so.
Remember: every cell is (quite literally) "The uniVerse turned Outside-in".

Cell communication takes place at four interrelated levels.
These are known as "Proteins", "Enzymes", "Hormones", "Pigments".
Thus, it is about "Physics", Chemistry", "Electromagnetism" and "Photons".
These pertain to the "Material", "Molecular", "Atomic" and "Information in Formation" aspect of the uniVersal Electromagnetic field.

Science has looked at Matter, discovered Molecules then Atoms, and then Subatomic fields.
Science of Life realised that Matters, as Molecules, thus Atoms, contains Freedom of Choice in subatomic interactions.
Everything we know, can see, experience and are, is based on, and composed by,([Freedom of Choice in) Subatomic Fields.
Cells operate Freedom of Choice, in creating the materials (that respond to information) that compose our living body.

Consciousness is the flow of information in/between the Material organisation of our living body.
Consciousness is the aspect of the flow of Information in the (im)materlal aspects of Cell Communication.
In other words: our Physiology is also our Psychology (and, outside of us, our Sociology and Ecology).
This we can easily assess and address if we understand that all forms of Matter, are formed (and moved) by Electromagnetic Fields.

That is where Tetryonics helps us bring our understanding of Creation to a much more fundamental level.
Tetryonics details how we can model the formation and forms of Matter.
Tetryonics specifies how Electromagnetic Fields form and move  Matter.
Tetryonics show the difference between ("BEM") Energy and ("KEM) Exergy that 'animates' Matter.

Cells operate __Exergy__ and __Energy__ in forming our body by transforming Molecules.
"Exergy" is the (regulated) inflow and efflux of Electromagnetism between Tetryons (the primordial forms of Matter).
"Energy" is is the internal circulation of information/energy (EM fields) between Tetryons.
All materials formed by  the body Cells, are (selectively) (ir)responsive to Electromagnetic Fields.

Piezo-electric materials are able to convert between electromagnetic changes and changes of material structure/shape.
Liquid Crystal materials are able to change their plasticity/dynamics dependent on changes in the electromagnetic field.
Transistor Materials ("transducer-Transponders) are able to change their internal EM flow depending on the external EM field.
Intelligent Gels are materials that can change their shape ('memory') dependent on the level of the electromagnetic field.

In other words: what we experience as Consciousness is an Electromagnetic Field Effect, in interplay with Matter.
Body Materials and Cell Materials operate as "Wave Guides" for the (re)organisation/filtering of Electromagnetic information.
More succinctly said: what we experience as consciousness within is, is part of the Electromagnetic field between/around us.
In other words, the consciousness field within us is a particular instance of the universal information field around us.

This is  the same as we see in our physiology (= Psychology == Sociology === Ecology).
The Food Chain circulation around is continues (linked via a Möbius Loop) within us.
The exchanges between communicating cells are part of the Natural Cycles in Earth and in the Universe.
These interactions are regulated and fine-tuned by using Freedom of Choice in the Singularities in 'the crossing point' of the Möbius Loops.

__The above provides the clarification of the foundation of our consciousness and thinking processes__.
Consciousness is the experience of the ("KEM") connection between our internal and the external EM Field.
Thinking is the experience of the ("BEM") internal circulation of the localised EM Field within us.
Thought (the past-tense of thinking) is the localised form of thinking and the basis of Memory stored in our body.

The universal form of manifestation in creation is a Vortex; a Singularity with an internal Complementarity.
A Vortex is a link between 4D Space, a 2D Plane, a 1D Streamline and a 0D Inversion Point.
The Vortex is the foundation of all forms of creation in the uniVerse (a Tetryon is a stylised representation of this).
Magnetic fields are best described as the two complementary (ingoing and outgoing) sides of an (electro)magnetic Vortex.

This helps understand how universal electromagnetic fields can have a local 'representation', within our body.
This local representation will match the universal 'original' ONLY IF the phase regulation 'in the interface' 'matches'.
If the interfacing operates under a mismatch (such as is possible in instances of Compensation) "Diseases" can occur.
This is described in medical terms as the transition from Health to Adaptation to Compensation to Decompensation (Collapse).

Health (and disease) are thus a logical consequence of the (mis)match between the internal and external information fields.
The integration of the internal EM field with/in the external EM field takes place in the Singularity Set in the body Interface.
This interfacing, in the interface, can be best understood in terms of the regulation of the Vortex linking Inside and Outside.
The dynamic of the Vortex then can be used to relate information, thinking, thoughts and Memorisation.

''Consciousness'' is the experience, internal in our body, of the EM information field in the uniVerse.
''Thinking'' is the localised flow of information (KEM/Interchange) in interaction with/in our environment.
''Thought'' is the localised (vortex/BEM) continuation in circulation of that information within our body.
''Memory'' is the localised storage of information (as vortex circulation) between the cells of our body.

This is a 'Mapping Procedure'.
We experience the uniVersal information Field within our body.
We sample and parse the interaction, using Freedom of Choice.
We record the effects of change of Involvement in/as our Memories.

__Memories__ are localised vortical information circulation within our body, between body cells; (this can cause disease, if incompatible with our being).
__Thoughts__ based on our Memories (Emotions) can be opposed to thoughts based on our experience (Feelings); (this can cause disease, if incompatible with our being).
__Thinking__ based on our concept of (Past) Reality can be opposite or our (Present) Realisation; (this can cause disease, if incompatible with our being).
__Consciousness__ in our (physical) body can be in opposition to the (phasical) universal information; (this can cause disease, if incompatible with our being).

__The above clarifies how our Thinking (thus the creation of Thoughts, and Memories) can affect our Health (and can create disease)__.
Realise that the dynamics of thinking is based on the universal dynamic of the Vortex (which links 4 Dimensions).
Realise also that this means that the dynamics which we call "Thinking" is staged as it pertains to those 4 Dimensions.
This is what we know as the relationship between Concepts, Notions, Thoughts an Memories; all ar aspectsof Thinking.

__Concepts__ are 'seed crystals' for a thinking process as it immerges from localisation of Cosmic Consciousness in contact with our body.
__Notions__ are the initial 'priming' dynamics  in the origination of localised Vortexing of information within our living body.
__Thoughts__ are the defined forms, in the process of thinking, resulting from the combining of multiple vortexing Notions.
__Memories__ are definite defined vortex imprints as they are stored within our living body, by and between living cells.

We operate an navigate the composition of consciousness from concepts into notions into thoughts  into memories.
We do this by operating Freedom of Choice - which we do in Singularities, thus by "Vortexing": which we call Thinking.
Thinking is the 'shepherding' of cotions into Concepts into Thoughts, turned into Realisations/Memories or dismantled.
It is a digestive process: the same by which we process food - the same organs digest our experience/information.

__The above clarifies what consciousness is, how we think, how we crate thoughts, and how we create Memories.
In the same way in which we create memories, we can also regurgitate, redigest and recreate memories: "editing our past".
In us, the past lives in the present: memories are stored as information in our body - which can cause diseases.
We can review our memories, edit them and learn from them: in our mind we are ruminating animals still.

That, is the essence of Thinking.
It is our digestive capacity - the same as we use in our organs in digesting our food.
In re-digesting our memories we can learn more from the past and make better future decisions.
The ultimate aim is that ''the consciousness within us can extend to match the consciousness around us; with integrity in identity''.
TiddlyWiki is a compact HTML file "for non-linear note taking".
www.tiddlywiki.org and www.tiddlywiki.com has all information.

Within the ProVisions approach TiddlyWIki is a powerful tool.
It can help you clarify your ideas, before acting upon them.
'[[TimeLine]]s', Deadlines, Birthlines, Critical Pathways...
The universe we live in operates in 4 Dimensions:
Consciosuness, Energy, Time and Space.
In that order.

Every Object we see is the result of a Process.
Every Process is a Transformation within a Context.
Every Transformation is a Formation in Formation.
Ultimately, this uniVerse is a form of Information.

In understanding this, it is possible to took at what matters.
Not the Forms of matter matter; but the FORMING of matter matters.
The Structure is but a con-sequence of the sequences of processes of transformation of information.
Once you understand that, you also understand the foundation of operation of our living body.

|Phase Change | inFormation|
|Shock Wave | Energy|
|Traveling Wave | Time|
|Standing Wave | Space|

With this in mind, it is possible to better navigate [[TimeLine]]s.
Look at WHEN a process starts (out of a Transformation).
Look at HOW the process continues (in a specific Environment)
Look at WHY the process must end (because it is completed).

//See also//:
| [[i-god]] | [[Creation]] | [[Freedom of Choice]] | [[Life]] |
'ToL' = Time of Life
It is your budget of Time of Life on earth.
Be careful how you use it.
Do not let others (ab)use it.

Recommended film to watch: "Momo".
ProVisions Training is designed to develop your skills as a (Self)Healer.
ProVisions makes use of the Corporate Management Hierarchy, and turns it around.
First, the Top Leader learn the skills and techniques of the ProVisions Training.
The Top leader teaches the Top Management; they teach their subordinate, and so on all the way down.

In this way EVERYBODY in the work company learns to live using the principles of Healing.
Being a Healer is an Attitude, based on the understanding of the need for integrity in/of the body.
By applying them in work environments, they under-build Integrity in/or the work company
These are the Topics of the Trainings (see the Explanation, below).

[[Feel Well]]
[[Laying on of hands]] (charge redistribution)
[[Feelings & Emotions]]


ProVisions Training is for Top Level Management (TLM) ONLY.
Only TLM has the authority and capacity to change a corporate Hierarchy.
In a Hierarchy. ONLY "The Boss", of all Bosses, can tell all others what to do, and how.
Only the Top Leader can tell/show other top leaders to change, and //will be 'obeyed'//.

ProVisions Training is the most drastic any corporation/organisation can implement.
It is a total reversal of the corporate hierarchy, which is based on obedience for pay/money.
Instead, every participant in the organisation is empowered as 'Director', in the organisation.
Instead of the model of (paid) slavery, it operates by the process of Health (and thus. Life).

''Every Top Leader is taught the principles of health, and healing.
Every Top Leader is asked to practice these principles with the Next Level Leaders.
In this way, all the way down, from top to bottom, all members of the Company practice/perform health, together.
Health (thus life, thus Freedom of Choice), not money, becomes the shared currency/value''.

__The principles that ProVisions teaches are simple, fundamental and far fetching__.
They are practical techniques of exercises, for Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.
Breathing, bodywork techniques, mental exercises, awareness training, and much more.
All have one main aim. ... to get to know your body, and your SELF - in a vital manner

By learning to understand your body, you come to respect it; and others.
You learn that you must master your body by serving it, by caring for it.
The same is the case for all people you work with; and can care for.
As our body shows: individual cells are alive and conscious and (together) make possible everything the body does as a whole.

In the Same way any group of people is composed of the people who form it.
The better all know their shared purpose, the easier and quicker it is done.
Flexibility, robustness, reliability, and integrity comes from individuals.
__An organisation as a whole has integrity only when all individuals have it__.

//That is why ProVisions teaches the techniques of healing, and health//
If you can care for your body, you can care for others in/and an organisation.
The more you understand your body, the more you see an organisation is a body.
The better you are able to care for your health, the more the company will be healthy.
The ProVisions Training is simple.
The Top Leader learns to care for Own health.
The Top Leader trains those who work for/with him/her.
Those train those who work for them, 'all the way down'.
__Then, the miracle Happens: health fills the company, bottom up__.
This is the principle seen in cell division, at the subatomic level.
Everybody in the company knows how to care for health, and does so.
All people in the company serve as healers for themselves, each other and the whole company.

The result is an organisation that is self-empowered.
All people know what the organisation as a whole is doing, //and do it//.
All realise that a company is an organism, of which they are a ‘cell’.
Ideas flow everywhere, instead of only top-down, in a trickle.

''ProVisions provides a different way of thinking''.
The Top Boss teaches everybody to think as a Top Boss/Healer.
That means the boss no longer directs, because everybody self-directs.
''That puts the whole company at top level''.

The ProVisions trainings are not mental, but physical.
By understanding the Body, ... Mind, Soul and Spirit are understood.
By understanding Your spirit, ... company spirit can be understood.
''By functioning as healer, the organisation is brought to life//.

Simply by learning to breathe, bowel movement, hygiene and nutrition.
What is experienced and understood in the cell, works in the whole body.
What works in our body, works in our society; regardless of what you believe.
Thereby any society/organisation becomes an example of/for health.
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[[Diversify]] With what you do, what else can you do?
[[BYOB]] Bring Your Own Backup
[[Divide=Multiply]] your work force
[[Empower]] Everyone is/as Director

[[Syngnosis]] Why Two know more than One
[[Emotion =/= Feeling]] Living in the Past versus Living in the Present
[[NBA]] The Social Hygiene of "No Bullshit Agreements"

[[Self-Sabotage]] Wrecking effect of Undigested Experience
[[Reflex]] The Drawbacks of Automation
[[Conviction]] The Limitations of Belief
[[From Reaction to Creation]] It is but a shift of (C) Consciousness

[[Feelings & Emotions]] Understand the (difference) in 'Dashboard Signals'
[[From Stress to Stimulus]] Change your perspective/involvement
[[Be Your Own Counselor]] Communicate what you feel in yourself
[[Be Your Own Union]] Communicate what you feel in your environment
''Knowing is not enough''

Dreams are real.
But realised only by acting on them.

''Learn how to dream, even when awake.
But also learn how to stop dreaming, even while you are asleep''.
The word 'Understanding' is associated with the notion "Standing Under", thus "Standpoint"
//Appreciate Unique Differences//

''The Organs MUST be different to synergise.
People MUST be different for synergy''.
In Synergy, Sameness is the 'carrier wave'.
In Synergy, differences determine the 'reach'.

Our body is composed out of //different// Organs.
Every Organ developed out of our First Cell, the "Zygote".
Every Cell Division prodices two //slightly different// cells.
Because the one cell is the Universe, in inverse, //minus the other cell//.

''Every Atom, Molecule, Cell, Individual, is the uniVerse in inVerse''.
Every Atom, Molecule, Cell, Individual is absolutely Unique.
Even though each is composed of, and by, the same universal principles.
Every one has a unique individual place in the universe; separate from everything else.
1) ''Cosmic Laws'' (the principles of Universal Creation); '__Universal Laws__'.
2) ''Natural Law'' (the principles of formation of/on Earth); '__Laws of the Earth__'.
3) ''Laws of Circulation'' (of information and Resources on Earth and in Life); '__Laws of the Seas__'.
4) ''Laws of Being'' (is states and balance in all forms in/of existence); '__Laws of the Land__'.
The word 'Vision' describes both Insight and Outlook.
It is bboth how you see things, and how you look at things.
In fact, it is thus both Perception AND Projection.
That, is where very many people become very confused...

To understand what (your) Vision is, you need to study how you see.
Then you can understand that you have a BlindSpot in Everything that you see.
You will also come to understand that you Fuzzzz... everything that you know.
But also that you have a direct grasp of relationships (if you look with perspective).

The following Exercise will help you understand Vision:
''__Study the Following__'':
* The ''Eye'', specifically the Eyeball, and the Lens - know that this is also houw your MIND works.
* The ''Retina''; understand that this is a Neural Plexus, thus exemplifies hou you integrate information.
* The ''Blind Spot''; and realise that in you Mind, and in all you do and are, you have Blind Spots.
* The ''Saccadic Motion''; the jitter-movement of the eye used to track and focus; and to fudge the egses of the Blind Spot.

* The ''Optic Nerve'' - and realise that what you perceive is NOT what you see.
* The ''Optic Pathway Crossing'' - and understand that you do NOT see what is as it is.
* The ''Visual Cortex'' - and realise that this is exactly what Plato described (Plato's Cave).
* ''Perception'': piece all the above pieces together and realise that 'the outside world does NOT exist; like every other sensation it is in fact no more than a sensory input ("Samsara") of Vibrations on the SURFACE of the body, which we 'compile' into our 'world-image' in the CORE of our brain; which is no more than a composite of interpreted neural signals ("Maya").
You may wish to do this exercise again, and again.
And then, again and again, explain this exercise to all people you interact with and work with.
Because not only do you NOT see (but interpret) 'the world around you, but likewise you never can see them.
Likewise, all they know of you is only an interpretation; it is better to verify and ask if what you interpret is what the other is.
Organisations are //Organisms// … (composed of //Living// beings).
We CANNOT apply the laws of Classical Science to Organisations.
We CANNOT even apply Classical Science to … Health Care, or Life.
Living Beings have ''Freedom of Choice''; and can choose to choose.

ProVisions [[Consulting]] explains how to apply this in your organisation.
Here, you can learn the art and skills of the Healer, and apply this.
You will come to understand the principles and process of Synergy.
Realise that Command/Control fails; Communication/Co-ordination prevails.

Every human is a cell in the body of humanity.
When everybody in your corporation is ‘owner’, your organisation is healthy.
People ‘working for money’ make your enterprise irresponsible/stupid.
How can people (come to (learn to)) love to work in or with your enterprise?…

Welcome to this web site.
Learn the principles of healing.
Learn the concept of consciousness.
Realise the value of (Self) Realisation…
| ProVisions Consulting |
| ''Learn the Art of the Healer, to optimise your enterprise in/and (y)our environment'' |
| ''Operate your Organisation as an Organism (not as a Mechanism)'' |
| ''When everyone is company director, the company directs itself'' |
| "Benefit Humans in/and Humanity; and all Life on Earth" |
| Together you can compensate for (y)our [[BlindSpot]]s |
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__ProVisions proposes to Apply the art of the Healer in your WorkPlace__.
Its premise: Understand your Body, and Work as your Body understands.

Companies or Corporations are //Groups// of People.
Groups of People are always composed of //Individuals//.
Individuals themselves are //composed of living Cells//.
Thence ''groups of people function by the same principles as do living cells''.

//The founder of ProVisions Consulting helps you bring your organisation to optimal health//.
Using this as a DIY management course, you can guide your organisation to optimal health.
//This website is now (being) redone as TiddlyWiki - also as example of Thought-Clarification//.
The Menu, Panels, and Tags give you access to the information that is available here; enjoy!

ProVisions combines the findings of Science and Medicine.
Some texts are therefore at times very fundamental.
Always the insights are practical and usable.
The [[Exercises]] help you put the understanding in action.

| [[Introduction]] | [[Overview]] | [[How-to...]] | [[Payment]] |
''__Core Concept__'': Learn the art of the healer, for a healthy organisation.

You 'WorkPlace' should ideally be your place for Enjoyment.
We are all "Creators in Creation"; "learning by Trial & Error".
Because ALL living beings have Freedom of Choice; you too.
That means that //all you do// is a lesson in learning to be a Creator.
Many people are lived by the past, and //relive// their past, via their CV (Curriculum Vitae).
The CV is the Track Record of ‘things that you have done’, and your own ‘accomplishments’.
In many cases, //circumstances// were very decisive, and limiting, in that track of ‘your’ life.
What often is not addressed, in you CV, is where you would really //like// to be heading; and what you would //wish// to become.

__The Future CV is a Technique to bring that out__.
‘//Just imagine that you are Reborn; New to Earth//’.
With what you know, and can do, or wish to know now: //what would you do//?
//What could you do//? Imagine the rest of your life, as your creation.

Certainly, creation is always interactive, and context dependent.
When you were young, your circumstances determined you.
But when you grow up, you can create your circumstances.

You can travel to other cultures.
You can meet other people.
You can do things never done before.
You can become another being; of your choosing.

''That, is the purpose of the Future CV.
Describe Life as you WISH to live it.
Describe life as you CHOOSE to live it.
Then rewrite, and rewrite again, the Future that you wish to live.''
'i-god' = ''I''ntegrate : ''G''enerate + ''O''perate + ''D''estroy.
This is the fundamental principle of [[Creation]]
It is the process of System Boundary Change.
It is the principle our Body Organs work with.